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ABB expands potable water quality analyser range with new ISE monitors

Posted: Monday 16th January 2012

ABB has expanded its Aztec 600 range of potable water quality analysers to include Ion-Selective Electrode (ISE) monitors for ammonia and fluoride. The Aztec 600 ISE Fluoride and Ammonia monitors join the Aztec 600 colorimetric range of analysers for Aluminium, Iron, Manganese, Colour, Phosphate and Ammonia.

The Aztec 600 ISE Ammonia uses gas sensing electrodes to monitor ammonia concentrations in water between 0.05 and 1000mg/l. A pump draws in the sample and passes it through two solenoid valves used for calibration. The sample is then mixed with reagents in the peristaltic pump, with the resulting solution sent to the sensor flowcell, under temperature controlled and constant flow conditions. The ammonia monitor is available in both the colorimetric and ISE models, with the latter providing a wider range of measurement.

The Aztec 600 ISE Fluoride monitor uses a different ion-selective electrode and reagent for the measurement process. The reagent stabilizes the pH in the sample and suppresses any chemical interference from metallic compounds, providing a more stable and accurate measurement.

The Aztec 600 ISE range provides an additional safeguard in potable water applications. The Aztec 600 Ammonia’s wide measuring range, for example, makes it ideal for potable water intake protection, whilst the Aztec 600 Fluoride helps ensure that doses of fluoride added to water are maintained within the regulatory limits set by the Drinking Water Inspectorate.

Both the Aztec 600 ISE Ammonia and Fluoride monitors offer cost savings of up 25% on reagent usage. Further savings are also achievable using the monitors’ new ‘Eco’ mode feature, which enables users to reduce pump speed in applications where a fast response time is not required. By slowing down the pump speed, less reagent is consumed, reducing the frequency of reagent changes to up to three months.

The new ISE monitors augment the existing Aztec 600 colorimetric monitors launched by ABB in 2009, which use a LED and detector to measure the passage of light through a sample. A single precisely controlled piston pump provides all the sample and reagent fluid handling for measurement, mixing and disposal. Measurements are taken before and after colour reagents are added to compensate for background colour and turbidity. These measurements are compared against the calibrated values to calculate the sample being measured.

The colorimetric analysers utilise a self-cleaning ability to ensure the optical cell and analyser tubing used for sample measurements remain free of residual particles between each analysis. A patented mechanical cleaning function uses the piston movement to wipe the optical cell with every measurement, particularly important when measuring raw waters where optical contamination can be a real issue. The analysers also include various user programmable automatic options for cell rinsing and acid and alkali washing.

To maximize the measuring range, the Aztec 600 colorimetric analysers feature automatic sample dilution. This function allows the instrument to be set to automatically adjust to monitor higher levels of samples by using deionised water to dilute the sample.

The ISE analysers are available in single stream configuration, whilst the colorimetric range comes in either single or multi-stream configurations, enabling operators to use just one device to monitor up to three streams sequentially all with current loop, Ethernet or Profibus outputs.

All analysers in the Aztec 600 range are also simple to maintain. In the colorimetric range, the piston and optical sensor use air to mix the sample and reagents, eliminating the cost and maintenance associated with mechanical or electrical stirring systems.

The inherent product design and auto-calibrating features in both the colorimetric and ion-selective electrode ranges means that maintenance is just required annually. This offers a greatly reduced cost of ownership compared to some units on the market, which require maintenance every three to six months.

Reliable and accurate measurement is further maintained by the inclusion of automatic two point calibration. This enables operators to verify analyser performance against standards of a known concentration.

A key benefit of the Aztec 600 range is its ease of operation. Front-mounted pushbuttons allow easy device interaction in a familiar Windows™ environment. Operation and commissioning is straightforward, with menus presenting options for setting and fine-tuning parameters. Added support is provided by an extensive context-sensitive on-line help feature.

Based on ABB’s common operator interface, the Aztec 600 colorimetric analysers feature a full color graphical display, allowing process trends to be easily viewed and analysed locally. Historical logs provide operators with access to alarm and audit trail data. Process data and historical logs are securely archived to a removable SD card with capacity of up to 2 GB.

A built-in Ethernet communications link with onboard web and ftp servers enables remote monitoring, configuration selection, data and log file access to the analyser from a web browser.

ABB Aztec 600 analysers are backed up by a comprehensive local service and support network, offering everything from commissioning through to upgrades throughout the life of the product.

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