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Posted: Tuesday 22nd November 2016

A pioneering breakthrough in water quality monitoring has been launched at one of the industry's most prestigious events, set to have a profound impact on the way the UK water industry measure and manage water quality.

Analytical Technology's new MetriNet multi-parameter water quality monitor for networks was launched at WWEM 2017 and is the latest addition to ATi's ground-breaking family of water quality monitors. The new state-of-the-art monitor is a brand new approach to smart sensor technology, with amazing capabilities. It is a modular approach to the distributed collection of water quality data. Derived from Network Metrics, the system provides a flexible method for delivering information from remote locations.

This leading, cutting-edge range of sensors will help keep ATi at the very top of the list for customers seeking smart water sensor technology, thanks to their unique benefits that no other monitors can provide. ATi's range of network monitors, which also includes the NephNet and ChlorNet, are designed for helping water companies improve compliance, reduce complaints and increase their SIM scores by providing better measurement, understanding and management of their water distribution networks.

Revolutionising the Water Industry

Designed specifically for applications in water distribution networks, the MetriNet allows no compromise continuous measurement of all the main water quality parameters you need to measure in distribution networks:

Residual chlorine ( free and combined)




Dissolved oxygen


and many more!

The MetriNet system utilises all the experience and expertise that ATi has earned over four decades of working closely with water utilities around the world. MetriNet features sensors that have the same accuracy and reproducibility as our well-known and proven Q-Series sensors, combined with ultra-compact, full featured monitors in one small housing unit.

Industry-Leading Smart M-Node Sensors

At the heart of the system are ATi's new series of smart digital sensors, the industry-leading M-Nodes, that come complete with all the communications protocols needed and expected in today's digital age, as well as a good old-fashioned analogue output.

The M-Nodes are connected to the water supply using a purpose designed click-connect flow cell arrangement. Sensors are connected in series to minimise water usage and can run at pressures up to 6 bar. This means that MetriNet systems can be used in closed bypass arrangement to completely eliminate water loss.

M-Nodes are ultra low-powered and run autonomously for years at a time on small batteries. Alternatively they can be powered from a local plc or telemetry system. Flexibility really is the name of the game with M-Node sensors, they can be connected to any data gathering system.

For those of you looking for a complete solution, M-Nodes can be connected to the MetriNet User Interface (MUI). The MUI connects to up to 8 M-Node sensors and connects to the outside world in via any ftp based system. The MUI also has on board data -logging with massive data storage capabilities.

M-Nodes are available for a variety of measurement in water systems. All nodes plug directly into MetriNet systems and are powered directly from the communications bus. Nodes may be added or removed as needed and removal of a node will not affect system measurements.

M-Nodes are complete water quality monitors equivalent in most respects to full function instruments. Electronic assemblies are galvanically isolated from both the power supply

and communication link.

MetriNet benefits

Ability to measure anywhere means closer to customer. Can foresee potential issues by advising early, which avoids complaints and allows you to take mitigating action

Future-proof in terms of communication so it will be useful for a long time

Economics of purchase and install allow massive installation. The data value increase as the number of measuring points increase because they have a better picture of the whole network

Zero and span data stored internally so calibration can be done anywhere

Internal clock records total run time on the sensor

Calibration timer can alert users when calibration is due

Two alarm set points are available

Sensor diagnostics report problems in clear message form

16 character user defined Tag name


ATi General Manager, Dr Mike Strahand, is celebrating this industry-first big reveal and believes the launch of the MetriNet is a huge turning point for water companies: "At ATi, we believe that the sensor is where everything starts - using state-of-the-art smart sensors is vital.

"The MetriNet offers a sustainable solution to meet the complex challenges currently facing the water sector. It will ultimately help drive down complaints, increase water companies' SIM scores and result in pro-active network management to safeguard water quality for customer use.

"The development of the MetriNet has been fantastic opportunity to provide another solution for our customers for ongoing and costly problems.

"There may be other multi-parameter monitoring systems on the market, however the difference with ATi's MetriNet is that we are sensor people adding data handling and not the other way around, hence our phrase no compromise. Other similar multi-parameter monitors may have good data handling, but the quality of the sensors are compromised. The MetriNet is unique because it combines the best of everything for the first time.

"ATi prides itself on designing and manufacturing first-rate monitors and the results from our range of network monitors, including the NephNet and ChlorNet, speak for themselves. They demonstrate our commitment to leading the way in innovation by being proactive, responsive and reliable in giving customers what they want and need."

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