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A new solution in electrochlorination with high performance and lower overheads

Posted: Thursday 1st December 2011

Gaffey Technical Services Ltd is introducing a new step forward in electrochlorination with the launch of the new Hyprolyser range.

The Hyprolyser has been designed for organisations that need to ensure their water disinfection systems are safe, reliable and cost-effective, whilst keeping the water treatment process as simple and low-maintenance as possible.

Fully automatic and self-regulating, the Hyprolyser has been designed to be easy to use and maintain, keeping human intervention (and the margin for error) to a minimum.

Using a skid system, the Hyprolyser incorporates all the elements required for disinfection through electrochlorination an electrolyser, product tank, water softener, control panel and ventilation into one unit, complete with all the interconnecting piping and control wiring. The skid can also house the dosing pumps or the innovative Gaffey Motive dosing system, which can reduce the on-site footprint further. With its simpler design and fewer components, the Hyprolyser can also offer lower maintenance and servicing costs than traditional electrochlorinators.

As the unit is self-contained, connection to the existing water supply is quick and straightforward, and the skid system ensures the unit can be installed with minimum disruption to site operation.

The new electrochlorinator has been developed by water treatment experts Gaffey Technical Services Ltd. The company has offered electrochlorination products for several years but has now developed its own brand of electrochlorinators, incorporating new technology and new ideas based on the water treatment needs of industry users for whom cost, safety and reliability are paramount. There are seven Hyprolyser systems in total, and Gaffey can offer further flexibility larger or smaller systems depending on individual requirements.

Electrochlorination - the process of producing sodium hypochlorite solution from salt, water and electricity - has been gaining favour with industries, utilities and swimming pool sector because it is safer than using chlorine gas, sodium hypochlorite solution or calcium hypochlorite, and the process is substantially less expensive.

Max Cole, electrochlorination expert and founder of the highly successful Proton Water Services Ltd, is now part of the team at Gaffey Technical Services Ltd and he is confident that the water treatment industry will welcome the new system.

He says: Ive worked with many companies over the years to supply them with water treatment solutions. Hyprolyser gives them the efficiency and reliability they need but also the safety features, affordability and ease of use that modern companies want. Im sure operators will be happy with it.

Phil Gaffey, Managing Director at Gaffey Technical Services Ltd: We see Hyprolyser as a big step forward in electrochlorination. Its a neatly packaged, self contained plant thats easy to install, operate and maintain, it doesnt need a lot of space, is very reliable, it works with hard and soft water and needs servicing only once a year. I have been working with electrocholrination for many years and the Hyprolyser is the most comprehensive system I have seen. Weve worked with all industry sectors to develop the system, and were sure it will be used in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications, from drinking water to swimming pools, brewing to bleaching.

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