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50 per cent reduction in volume and weight of screenings

Posted: Monday 14th February 2011

A MORE THAN 50% reduction in the volume and weight of screenings is achieved by the new MEVA Counter Pressure Screw (CPS) which has been launched in the UK by Hydro International’s Wastewater division.

When combined with the MEVA Screw Wash Press (SWP), the MEVA CPS unit produces shredded screenings with a dry solids content of between 50 and 60%, making them ideal for incineration. The MEVA CPS unit also reduces the volume of screenings by half, compared to using the SWP alone, offering Wastewater Treatment Work operators up to 80% savings in disposal costs.

Manufactured from high-quality stainless steel, the CPS unit’s patented counter-pressure design results in a superior performance for dewatering and washing of screenings. It is being made available to UK WTW operators following Hydro’s appointment as sole UK distributor of MEVA products by the manufacturer, Nordic Water AB of Sweden.

Says Chris Day, General Manager of Hydro Wastewater: “The CPS unit has been developed by Nordic Water for an international market in response to the need for shredded screenings with a high DS content that are suitable for incineration, but it also offers outstanding performance in reduced disposal volumes.

“Our extended partnership with Nordic Water for Meva products means we are able to offer UK WWTW operators access to this unique technology .”

Connected to the Screw Wash Press by a pipe bend, the MEVA CPS creates a counter pressure to that produced by the working cycle of the SWP. The system works by continuously adjusting the pressure applied by both the SWP and the CPS units to maximise the dry solids content.

The high counter pressure maximises the time the screenings are retained in the press zone ensuring the longest available time for washing. At the discharge of the CPS, the material is shredded to make it suitable for incineration. The CPS’s design has the added advantage of being able to convey material over long vertical distances.

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