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Posted: Tuesday 25th August 2009

Approximately 11,000 m2 of Premier Coatings’ Premseal 100 (blue) cold applied, water-proofing, self-adhesive membrane has been used to waterproof the roof of Yorkshire Water’s Keldgate No.1 reservoir that supplies Hull’s potable water system. It is part of an ongoing maintenance scheme to maintain water quality for Yorkshire Water’s customers. The work was carried out by the term contractors, Stonbury Ltd of Beverley, Yorks and Cranfield, Bedfordshire.

The 100-year-old Keldgate No.1 reservoir is of vaulted roof construction. To ensure maximum water-proofing effectiveness, Stonbury engineers applied the Premseal 100 in full strip lengths starting along the roof ‘valleys’ then working up to the ‘peaks’, so going with the flow of rain water.

Premseal 100 prevents the ingress of water and water borne aggressive salts such as chlorides and sulphates penetrating concrete structures. It is approved by the Water Research Council and is UK WFBS Listed for use in potable water situations, and has BBA Certification.

Premseal 100 is constructed from oriented cross-laminated high density polyethylene sheeting and bitumen-polymer compound. The product is a tough, durable, cold applied self-adhesive sheet with an overall thickness of 1.5mm. A unique feature is the selvedge that enables a fast and secure seal on all side edge laps. The blue HDPE film enables inspection for consultants and clients to be made easier and quicker. Where buried, the waterproofing layer is easily identified during any subsequent excavation, allowing greater care to be taken to avoid unnecessary damage.

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