World Water Works releases innovative Ideal S-Select bulking sludge management technology

Posted: Wednesday 26th November 2014

New technology solves issues of bulking or floating sludge and is easily integrated into existing plants.

World Water Works, Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of wastewater treatment solutions, announces the addition of the Ideal S-Select, a new sludge conditioning technology, to their wastewater treatment technology lineup. The new technology solves the industry-wide issue of floating or bulking sludge in conventional activated sludge (CAS) wastewater treatment systems.

“Given the industry need for a solution to the issue of floating or bulking sludge, as well as the Ideal S-Select technology’s robustness, quick implementation and rapid ROI, this product is a very exciting addition to our product line,” Mark Fosshage, President of World Water Works, said.

The patent-pending technology is a biological selection process that classifies for denser, faster-settling, bacteria (Phosphate Accumulating Organisms PAO) to return to the CAS process while wasting the undesirable, hard-to-settle bacteria, resulting in a virtual elimination of sludge bulking. The technology is applicable to any activated sludge plant, municipal or industrial, with poor or inconsistent performing clarifiers. The new process improves clarifier performance and consistency of treatment, as well as potentially increases capacity of existing activated sludge processes.

The technology is highly customizable, and can be installed while a plant is operating normally. The Ideal S-Select has a small footprint, requires no chemicals, and consumes only a very small amount of power. As a result, integrating this process into an existing CAS process offers customers the assurance of quality effluent water year round. The new product is launching at WEFTEC this week.

As a global leader in wastewater management technology, World Water Works has delivered hundreds of wastewater treatment plants. The company has an award winning manufacturing facility in Oklahoma City and has also recently replicated that facility in India to provide cost-effective technology worldwide.

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