Water technology alliance taps into future

Posted: Monday 23rd October 2017

Two international companies have signed a technology partnership in Great Britain in anticipation of stricter water quality standards.

The collaboration is between water technology specialist SFC Umwelttechnik GmbH, based in Salzburg, Austria, and Trant Engineering, headquartered in Southampton, Hampshire.

Increasingly sophisticated testing methods means previously undetected chemical compounds in water are being identified.

They include trace substances from agricultural pesticides in raw waters and contraceptives, chemotherapy drugs and antibiotics in treated wastewater effluents.

It is widely expected that water companies may well come under regulatory pressure in AMP7 - the industry's next asset management period - to remove or significantly reduce pollutants which are not currently being targeted.

Trant Engineering, a water engineering specialist working in industrial and municipal water markets, is exploring SFC's advanced technologies to tackle the problem for client customers.

Wayne Broadbent, Engineering Manager at Trant Engineering, said: "Innovative solutions for cleaner water - drinking and wastewater - are likely to be major drivers for the water utilities in AMP7.

"Industry regulators will be rightly looking for ever-higher water quality standards because of advanced new technologies which could not be imagined only a few years ago in a sector where some infrastructure dates back to Victorian times.

"It is against this backdrop that Trant Engineering has signed a strategic partnership with SFC Umwelttechnik GmbH - it is about utilising advanced technology for optimal solutions for our water industry clients in Great Britain and internationally.

"Successful laboratory and full-scale testing have taken place in Europe with SFC and we are now rolling out a pilot plant testing in the south east of England in order to study local contamination issues."

SFC, in its 20th year as a technology house, has more than 400 plants around the world using its various advanced technologies for water and wastewater treatment.

Dr Konrad Wutscher, SFC's Managing Director, said: "Our strategic partnership with high-performance Trant Engineering, which has decades of process engineering experience in the water industry, will help enable the economic treatment of both water and wastewater to the highest of standards.

"We are two international companies collaborating to make water, on behalf of water companies and industrial clients, as clean and safe as possible for millions of people and the natural environment."

Dr Wutscher signed a memorandum of understanding with Patrick Trant, Chairman of Trant Engineering, regarding British and international water and wastewater markets.

Scope of work includes feasibility studies to turnkey process engineering.

Trant Engineering, founded 59 years ago, works in locations across Great Britain and internationally, including the Channel Islands, Ascension Island and Falkland Islands.

Current clients of Trant Engineering in the water industry include Wessex Water, Thames Water, Affinity Water, Portsmouth Water, Southern Water, United Utilities, Jersey Water and Guernsey Water.

SFC's technologies include the following:

Cyclic activated sludge process for both municipal and industrial wastewater treatment.

Immersed membrane ultrafiltration process for both municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment.

Advanced oxidation process using non-thermal plasma for both municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment.

Phosphate recovery process for the recovery of phosphate from municipal sewage sludge.

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