Water Reuse Europe release their 2018 review of the European water reuse sector

Posted: Monday 11th June 2018

The Water Reuse Europe report paints a detailed picture of the current status of the water reuse sector in Europe, illustrating its growth over the past decade, its strengths and its potential. New data presented in the review identifies a total of 787 water reuse schemes across Europe in 2017, with the largest proportion (39%) used for agricultural irrigation applications. A full breakdown per country is provided, presenting the geographical variation in scheme prevalence and application across Europe.

The review also looks at the current regulatory environment in relation to water reuse, provides an overview of reuse technologies and their advantages and disadvantages, presents three success stories of water reuse projects across Europe and provides a future outlook for water reuse. The report's release coincides with recently announced EU regulations allowing non-potable wastewater reuse for agricultural irrigation; a welcome move that will help to open up new water management opportunities for communities and businesses.

The reuse of water provides a solution to the ever-increasing pressures on water resources across Europe. With climate change, a growing population and land use changes, these pressures are only set to increase. Water is a finite resource and needs to be managed sustainably. The reuse of water reduces abstractions from raw water sources such as rivers and aquifers and closes the circular economy loop, moving communities towards more sustainable water usage.

WRE Chairman, Prof. Paul Jeffrey, commented: "This is the first Europe-wide assessment of developments in the water reuse sector driven from the perspective of reuse scheme developers and solution providers. The report confirms a significant increase in the number of reuse schemes over recent years and evidences a dynamic community of professionals and companies delivering innovative solutions for reuse applications. Europe's water reuse sector has major growth potential and we hope this report will boost wider interest in, and support for, the safe, productive, and financially sound reuse of this valuable resource."

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