Water management alliance

Posted: Wednesday 4th July 2012

The European Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry (SusChem) and the European Water supply and sanitation Technology Platform (WssTP) have announced plans to formalize their long-standing alliance for the benefit of sound water management in Europe. With wide-ranging support from the European institutions, these €630 billion sectors will reinforce their collaboration on key priorities - including the implementation of the European Innovation Partnership unveiled today by the European Commission.

The agreement is a new approach to advancing water management in Europe. It pairs the water industry’s strong innovation potential with the chemical sector’s track record of providing game-changing solutions across manufacturing and process industries. It is also a natural fit: the chemical industry is one of the biggest water-consuming industries and one of the biggest providers of water treatment materials and technologies.

The partnership is breaking new ground, allowing both sectors to speak with one voice on topics of common interest – a real asset in a fragmented water area where multiple approaches coexist at the national, regional and sectorial levels. SusChem and WssTP will be mapping the way forward in critical fields such as:

- Best practices in integrated water management systems

- Development of enhanced materials, process technologies and systems

- Process efficiency of water use, including energy aspects.

“Together, the chemical and water sectors are ready to provide high-impact, cutting-edge solutions to one of Europe’s most pressing problems and, clearly, no one sector can tackle this alone,” SusChem chairman Klaus Sommer says. “Value chain collaboration is engrained in SusChem’s vision and the focus is on impact: along the way, we expect to deliver value well beyond what either of our industries can accomplish individually.”

“WssTP’s vision is that by 2030 the European water sector will be regarded as the global leader in the provision of sustainable water services. We realize that climate and demographic changes, together with rising environmental standards mean that we must find step change solutions to these challenges,” WssTP President Mike Farrimond says. “Working with SusChem will enable us to avoid replication of effort and ensure that together we have a voice which will be listened to.”

As water is used intensively in agricultural and industrial sectors and for public use, integrated water management has become an imperative. A symbiotic approach holds the key to deliver safe, clean, affordable water to all European citizens.

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