Posted: Monday 22nd September 2014

Water companies are successfully getting their messages across to the UK public about the importance of using water more efficiently, according to a study by Talis UK.

The Talking Water report, based on a study by Talis UK of over 1,000 households across the UK, found that 87% took steps to use water efficiently or to prevent pollution.

This has been helped by the spread of water meters, with 57% of households saying that this encouraged them to be more conscious of reducing their water usage.

Other common steps people took to be more water efficient included making sure that leaky taps were repaired (54%), installing dual flush toilets (49%) and using water butts to collect rainwater for the garden (47%).

However, although most homes in the UK were attempting to save water, people were less aware of the reasons why they should do so.

Only 18% of people knew anything about the issues affecting water supply within their local community. Those who were aware of issues tended to live in areas where there had been recent flooding, water shortages, major leaks or issues with polluted public water areas.

Mark Hodgens, managing director of Talis UK, comments: “The water companies have done a good job in getting the message across that water is a valuable resource that shouldn’t be wasted. Water meters are clearly an effective way of making people more aware of when they are using water, encouraging them to think twice before turning on a tap.

“Simple everyday steps such as installing water efficient toilets or using water butts for the garden are now commonplace.

“However, there’s still a clear disconnect with exactly why these issues are important to people’s local communities. We live in a country with a very efficient water supply that we often take for granted, and it’s notable that awareness of community issues is only really present when something goes wrong.

“As a sector, we need to do more to explain to people what is happening specifically in their local area and just how much work and investment is required to keep a constant flow of clean water, and preserve the environment around areas of open public water.

“This will help, not only to further increase domestic water efficiency, but to provide a greater understanding and appreciation of the role water company’s play in this important aspect of our daily lives.”

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