triOpsis launches Visual Intelligence for Utilities

Posted: Tuesday 26th July 2011

Visual Intelligence for Utilities enables organisations to maintain full visibility, control and quality of their most important physical assets constantly, wherever they may be located.

triOpsis, the leader in Visual Intelligence, is launching a Visual Intelligence for Utilities, designed to help Utilities deliver quality assets through real time visibility and control.

triOpsis’ Visual Intelligence for Utilities enables an onsite worker to capture the status of remote assets and the quality of work undertaken, first time, in real-time. This eliminates the need for additional workers, managers or specialist staff to repeatedly visit work sites to either remedy original work or inspect and decide what to do multiple times.

Leading Utility companies, including Yorkshire Water, are using the new technology to help managers monitor any asset, such as water meter installation and essential site construction and maintenance, ensuring that these activities are carried out first time, on time, avoiding costly inefficiencies, health and safety and compliance issues.

Visual Intelligence works by combining mobile photographic monitoring with additional essential contextual information compiled on each asset. An image can be taken by a mobile worker from any phone with a camera and uploaded, complete with critical data, providing senior management with the intelligence required to make strategic decisions back at head office.

Andy Hutt, CEO of triOpsis said, “The installation and repair of infrastructure presents companies with major challenges ranging from compliance with stringent new regulations to tough time and cost constraints. Failing to get the job done right the first time means time, money and manpower are all wasted in rectifying the problem.

In the case of utilities, many jobs are aborted simply because a gang turns up to the site and cannot complete the job because they did not know what to expect. A pre-job site survey with photographic evidence provides full visibility to the gang prior to arrival so they are equipped to complete the job right the first time. Visual Intelligence allows managers to identify and control issues that require attention in the field and address them before they become business problems.”

The technology is particularly welcome in the current climate where companies must create highly efficient systems to maintain profits while reducing fines and time wasted.

Andy continued, “Gangs are under pressure to do more jobs faster with fewer resources putting pressure on quality of delivery. Our clients have reported seeing not only a direct improvement and cost saving by gaining more control over their assets but also a behavioural change within the workforce with jobs being carried out more effectively prior to reporting back.”

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