Sorubin sells exclusive license to newly formed small aerator specialist Sottelbin

Posted: Tuesday 27th March 2012

Sorubin, a supplier of energy efficient aeration products for water treatment, has signed an exclusive license agreement with newly formed small aerator specialist Sottelbin.

According to the license agreement, Sottelbin may use Sorubin’s patented and proven energy efficient aeration technology to launch small aerators suitable for e.g. golf courses, wine farms, green houses, hotels and aquaculture across Europe.

Sorubin has since 2009 successfully marketed its highly energy efficient aerator Microluft on the world market. Microluft is an aerator that is specifically developed for industries with wastewater treatment needs, and public water distributors (municipalities and water utilities). Scottish Water is one of the users of Microluft.

“We believe that there is a huge untapped demand for smaller aerators from operators in industries like aquaculture, hospitality, etc.”, said Stefan Sandström, CEO, Sorubin. “Ever increasing energy costs and new stricter environmental legislation have made these organizations well aware of the need for reliable and energy efficient, aeration and water treatment. Small, efficient, reliable aerators that are easy-to-use and inexpensive to operate and maintain will be an attractive option for these customers.”

Sottelbin’s small aerators will run on 230V and have sufficient capacity to keep e.g. golf courses’ water hazards in good condition during hot summers. The product will be easy to handle (carry-lift-move-install-connect), and will have a design that is very attractive for these target groups. Other advantages will be a high degree of reliability, low power consumption and quiet operations. Sottelbin plans to launch the small aerators in late autumn of 2012. The products will be manufactured in Umeå in northern Sweden.

“As a legal framework for the protection and restoration of clean waters across Europe, the EU’s Water Directive 2015 is a very strong driving force for basically every water intensive organization in Europe. I believe water treatment, and aeration being an integral part of it, will become even more important in the years to come. Energy efficiency is a keyword here, since fuel and electricity costs are certainly not likely to come down in the coming decade”, concludes Stefan Sandström.

Fast-growing Sorubin’s fresh and innovative offering of aeration products, with a focus on ingenuity, efficiency, top quality and energy efficiency, has been very well received in the global market for wastewater treatment. The company has received several green and innovation awards in 2011, including the Greentech Top 3 prize as one of Sweden’s three hottest cleantech startups.

Sorubin’s bottom mounted aerator Microluft for the treatment of wastewater and landfill leachate is a ‘new generation’ energy efficient aeration products for industrial levels of water treatment with the ability to reduce electricity consumption by up to 90 percent. Sorubin also sells innovative floating baffles, Optusflow, which optimize the flow of water to be treated.

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