Singer Valve Inc. Launches its Electronic Control Systems Division

Posted: Friday 3rd August 2012

Customized solutions for Control Valves.

Singer Valve, a leading manufacturer of control valves, officially launches their Electronic Control Systems Division. The company has been expanding its offering of customized electronic solutions to accompany their valves over the years and now has a complete suite of options for any valve automation requirements. Brad Clarke, VP of Sales & Marketing for Singer Valve said, ďThe secret of many of our valve solutions lies within their electronic control capability. We are able to customize solutions to meet the demands of unique applications all over the world.Ē All Singerís electronic control management products interface seamlessly and effortlessly with SCADA.

The new division employs dedicated electronic, instrumentation and control specialists to provide full client support from product recommendation to product start-up and beyond. They design, build and test all the electronic control panels and accessories in the plant so that installation and on-site setup is quick and easy. Singer technicians have an extensive understanding of process control and can program PLCs and controllers to customize solutions for virtually any application that may be deemed impossible to solve with conventional hydraulic pilot systems. With sophisticated design systems one valve can now perform many purposes that can be controlled remotely with layers of security on touch screen customized graphic interfaces.

A Complete Suite of Electronic Control Systems

Singer Valve has multiple solutions for control valve automation and is able to customize each to meet unique design specification of water distribution systems around the world:

Multiple Process Control Panel Series (MCP-TP)has the ability to monitor multiple processes, such as such as pressure reducing, flow control, level and sustaining, while remotely controlling the dual solenoid control valve based on system conditions.

Electronic Flow Control and Metering System (2SC-MV)computes the flow rate based on valve differential pressure and position and operates the pilot solenoids to match the flow rate to the customerís predetermined (adjustable) set-point. Itís easily retrofitted to existing valves and provides approximately 3% accuracy.

Dual Solenoid Control for Positioning and SCADA Controls (2SC-PCO) interfaces with controllers to provide electronic control of flow, pressure or level. Itís designed to be accurately positioned anywhere within the full stroke of the valve and provides precise control remotely with minimal power needed during stand-by operation. Itís ideal for remote and sensitive applications.

Single Process Controller (EPC) is a simplified loop process controller designed to complement the Dual Solenoid Control Valve. It offers quick and easy configuration for any single process application such as flow, pressure and level control. Capable of remote 4 to 20 mA SCADA process set-point(s) adjustment.

Surge Anticipator Panel (SAP) provides the interface between a customers supplied system pressure switch and the Singer Surge Anticipating control valve to protect the system from destructive pressure surges. Itís simple to install with minimal wiring costs.

Pump Control Panel (SPC) automatically interfaces with the pump and control valve to avoid starting and stopping surges. This is ideal for application where single speed motors are used and is suitable for use with either in-line booster or deep well by-pass pump control valves.

Automated Pilot Control (420-DC / 420-AC) has an electronic pilot actuator that enables remote electronic adjustment of most Singer pilots via 4-20mA signal. It has superior predictability, repeatability and accuracy and is ideal for applications where the set-point requires numerous changes. Itís suitable for all valve sizes, may be fitted in the field and has a long life by using a slow speed actuator. It is a simple and cost efficient way to add automation.

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