Severn Trent Services – Apliclor to Supply Spain’s Largest Electrochlorination Plant

Posted: Wednesday 22nd December 2010

ClorTec® disinfection technology selected for use at drinking water facility in Tarragon.

Severn Trent Services - Apliclor, a leading supplier of drinking and wastewater treatment solutions in Spain, has been awarded the contract to supply the country’s largest electrochlorination plant. The €490,000 (USD 676,790) contract will improve water management for reservoir 118 at Tarragona, which supplies more than 140,000 residents of the regional capital with drinking water.

Severn Trent Services - Apliclor will supply its innovative ClorTec® on-site sodium hypochlorite generators for the project. These safe, effective and efficient systems generate disinfectant on site using salt, water and electricity.

The on-site generation of chlorine is one of the major advantages of the ClorTec system, as it eliminates potential safety concerns associated with the transportation and storage of hazardous chemicals. This provides operating cost savings by eliminating the need for purchasing and storing chemicals. The ClorTec system generates a consistent solution strength on demand, so sodium hypochlorite is generated only when required.

“The CAT (Consorci d’Aigües of Tarragona) selected electrochlorination technology because of our commitment to improving the quality of water that we supply to our consortium members including 68 city councils and 33 industrial clients,” explained Salvador Plana, managing director of the CAT, the plant’s owner. “In addition, we will be installing a series of plants across our extensive network in the years to come. The ClorTec technology will enable us to improve how we control chlorine dosing for the drinking water we supply to our members; eliminate the need to transport hazardous chemical and store them on site; and ultimately to have a safe facility that minimises risks to the public, employees and the environment.”

“As the safety standards for the storage and transportation of chlorine are becoming increasingly strict, the ability to produce it on site is one of the best features of this technology,” pointed out Rick Bacon, general manager of Severn Trent Services - Apliclor. “In addition, electrochlorination improves the quality of the water, increases the safety of the entire process and reduces operating costs. ClorTec technology is already being used in 12 plants in Spain, and its many benefits will ensure its continued use in the future.”

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