Regulation for Water Quality - How to safeguard the Water Environment

Posted: Wednesday 28th January 2015

UK experts share their knowledge of water regulation with the world.

Three senior specialists have published a new book which shares the UK and EU's water regulatory expertise with developing countries. Together the team have over 80 years of experience of water regulation and were influential in setting up the UK water and environment regulatory and permitting systems. They worked to develop and implement EU Water Directives including the Water Framework Directive.

Regulation for Water Quality - How to Safeguard the Water Environment was published on 2nd September 2014 during Stockholm Water Week, and a UK launch was held at Christ College, Oxford on 20th January 2015. The book, which is available as hard copy and free as a pdf, was developed initially as part of a knowledge exchange programme between the EU and China. It will become a key international knowledge transfer resource for developing countries where polluted waters are a major public health hazard, water security is threatened and environmental damage is continuing apace.

Its authors, Chris Chubb, Martin Griffiths and Simon Spooner realised that finding water environment policy and guidance documents can be very difficult if you don’t know where to look. They worked on knowledge exchange projects in China and elsewhere and developed this structured approach to water regulation, giving access to key documents from across the EU.

The publication has been underwritten by the Foundation for Water Research (FWR). It provides an innovative and structured guide to the wealth of information on water regulation and catchment planning. It uses high quality graphics, colour and photographs to give access to the complex world of water regulation.

Published as hard copy, the book’s structure provides easy access to the principles of water quality policy, law, planning, implementation, techniques, delivery and enforcement. In FREE high quality PDF form via the FWR website, the book’s hyperlinks give instant access to hundreds of original UK and EU documents providing relevant policy, legal and technical detail.

This guide will become a key knowledge transfer resource, equally valuable to emerging economies in Asia, Africa and South America, as to developed countries aiming to optimise and improve their approaches to water management and regulation.

This book has been targeted to help:

• Government policy makers

• Water regulatory officials

• Water Industry managers and operations staff

• Water and environmental consultants

• Business and industry managers dealing with water issues

• Environmental NGOs with an interest in water

• Academic researchers and students of water and environmental management

• General public using water as a recreational or cultural resource

The electronic book takes an innovative and structured approach to provide the information needed to put effective water management into action. So if you want to see, for example, the EU Water Framework Directive, a River Basin Plan, a catchment mathematical model, a discharge permit, a site inspection process, an enforcement code or a prosecution policy, the book will provide access to it via the hyperlinks. It is made clear that these detailed documents may not be appropriate for a particular country or river catchment; however, the same principles and logic will apply and may be modified to meet a specific situation.

The authors and FWR are keen to make this information available to all, so a not-for–profit approach to publication has been adopted. FWR has underwritten the development costs and thanks are due to other sponsors, Atkins, UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) and Cranfield University, not only for their financial support, but especially their intention to assist with further development and training.

The authors are aware that there is insufficient teaching at universities on water policy and regulatory issues and intend working with Cranfield and other universities to develop a short training course based on the book. Once in place the course will be easily transferable to other countries in need of this expertise. The book will also contribute to UK MSc courses next year.

The international launch of the book took place at the Stockholm World Water Week on 2 September 2014, with the help of SIWI. The UK launch of the book “Regulation for Water Quality” took place on Tuesday 20th January 2015 at a meeting of the Oxford Water Network.

The authors will work with environmental journalists to ensure book reviews and publicity across the international water management press.

FWR is keen to further develop and optimise the use of this book and would welcome views on this.

FWR in partnership with Cranfield University is developing a training course for water professionals. It is scheduled to run in April 2015 at Cranfield University. Further information will be available soon.

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