Perceptive Engineering Limited wins 2015 Water Industry Achievement Award

Posted: Tuesday 16th June 2015

Perceptive Engineering Limited (@PerceptiveAPC) is very pleased to have won the WIAA award for Most Innovative Use of an Existing Technology.

Perceptive’s controller - WaterMVTM– includes the facility to detect faults, errors or drift inany on-line sensor and to switch to a robust ‘virtual’ value when sufficient correlated data is present. In other words, when a sensor fails, the process can continue to be operated safely and reliably, automatically. Using a data-driven model of real-world plant behaviour, the process can be truly optimised via predictive control of the assets, rather than merely by feedback or real-time control. Loss of data or any compromise in operation - for example, maintenance on a blower or closure of a lane – is also handled automatically by the controller, with minimal input needed from the operator.

In collaboration with United Utilities, Perceptive has developed a further extension to their control scheme, to provide sensor diagnostics and decision support. Once all data is validated and available, the controller moves the process to an optimal point, reducing energy and chemical consumption, while simultaneously minimising the risk of compliance failure. This establishes a new benchmark in efficient process performance. When critical data is lost, the controller may need to move the process to a point that maintains the same compliance safety factor; this may require more energy or chemical to be used, to maintain the same level of risk as before.

The WaterMV controller is thus able to calculate the additional cost of treatment caused by loss of reliable data. For a dissolved oxygen probe, this will be minimal, so the operator can afford to schedule maintenance when it best suits his workload. For inlet ammonium levels on a large plant, this might equate to more energy being used that previously needed. This ‘lost opportunity’ financial value is displayed on the control room SCADA as a daily and cumulative amount. After a few days, operators can request maintenance or even replacement of a faulty sensor, with an associated cost of not carrying out the work.

Operators like the system because it helps them schedule maintenance tasks and demonstrates the value of the installed instrumentation. Managers like the system because it shows a payback on maintenance costs and keeps the plant running as close as possible to its optimal point, under all conditions.

Perceptive Engineering Limited is as SME with offices in Cheshire in the UK as well as in the heart of Singapore’s high-tech manufacturing district. The company specialises in the design, development and delivery of advanced process monitoring, diagnostics, control and optimisation programmes. The sectors covered include pulp and paper making, pharmaceuticals, nutritionals and functional ingredients, water and wastewater treatment, serving a global client base. They are also very active in leading-edge research to improve the yield, quality and efficiency of high-value manufacturing, through a number of prestigious grant-funded For further information, please visitwww.PerceptiveAPC.comor

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