Ofwat chief urges suppliers to “be assertive”

Posted: Tuesday 31st March 2020

Ofwat’s ​chief executive ​Rachel Fletcher ​urged members ​of the supply ​community to ​actively engage ​with water ​companies and ​be assertive to ​ensure their ​voices are ​heard ahead of ​the 2020-2025 ​investment ​period.​

Addressing ​suppliers in a ​podcast ​interview with ​British Water ​chief executive ​Lila Thompson, ​Fletcher said: ​“Please ​engage with ​companies on ​projects that ​interest you, ​where you think ​you've got ​value to bring. ​Be assertive in ​bringing ​forward your ​thoughts on ​innovation and ​how delivering ​the resilience ​and environmental ​improvement ​that is needed, ​and we’re ​asking ​customers to ​fund, can be ​done better, in ​a more cost-​effective way ​and in a way ​that brings ​greater public ​health.”​

Stressing that ​innovation ​“sits ​absolutely at ​the core” ​of Ofwat’​s AMP7 strategy,​ Fletcher also ​highlighted the ​regulator’​s desire to see ​a quicker roll-​out of new ​technology to ​meet its ​stretching ​targets, while ​addressing key ​industry ​challenges, ​such as climate ​change and a ​growing ​population.​

“We'​d like to see ​much more ​pulling ​together of the ​various parties,​ so we see less ​duplication of ​innovation on ​the same issue, ​and we get that ​learning shared ​much more ​effectively. ​And critically, ​we move more ​quickly from ​testing and ​trialling into ​roll-out ​because ​it’s only ​once you get ​roll-out that ​customers and ​the environment ​benefit.”​

The interview ​was part of ​British ​Water’s ​thought-​leadership ​podcast series, ​Talking on ​Water, which ​features ​Thompson in ​conversation ​with a range of ​industry ​leaders, who so ​far have ​included:​

Mark Fletcher, ​global water ​leader at Arup, ​who shared ​insights on the ​water ​market

Bryan Harvey, ​vice president, ​utilities, at ​Jacobs, who ​discussed what ​a more ​sustainable ​world would ​look like

Karma Loveday, ​editor of The ​Water Report, ​who spoke about ​social value ​and PR19 final ​determinations.​

Thompson said: “British Water ​is committed to ​leading the way ​in collaborative,​ innovative, ​future thinking.​ Talking on ​Water focuses ​on drawing out ​insight and ​knowledge from ​key influencers ​in the water ​community.​

“The conversations ​focus on ​important and ​topical issues ​which are ​impacting our ​industry and ​are essential ​listening. They ​are in-depth ​but accessible ​and we’re ​pleased to have ​the platform to ​share them with ​a wider ​audience.”​

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