New guidance urges organisations to commit to water efficiency

Posted: Wednesday 9th January 2013

Energy Saving Trust and Waterwise have joined forces to develop guidance on water energy efficiency delivery in the UK. The aim of the guidance is to encourage water companies and Green Deal / ECO providers to work in partnership on joint energy and water efficiency delivery for UK householders.

Water use in the home on average accounts for 23% of domestic heating bills, about 13% of a home’s total energy bill. This equates to about £160 per year on the average energy bill per year, highlighting why water efficiency in energy saving programmes should now be considered core business.

With the Green Deal and ECO approaching, both organisations emphasise the important role that water efficiency has to play in any energy efficiency delivery scheme. The Guidance was developed with input from water, energy and housing sector stakeholders, and quantifies that water efficiency will result in household energy bill and carbon savings. The Guidance aims to help Green Deal / ECO schemes achieve the following:

· Integrate water devices in energy efficiency installation in homes - to further reduce household energy bills and carbon emissions for scheme providers

· Increase the amount and quality of customer engagement on water use and potential savings - helping people save water through behaviour, which is as important as installing water-efficiency measures

· Increase the in-home delivery of water-saving devices for the water sector – increasing resilience to climate change (and potentially cutting water bills too, where a home is metered for water)

The Guidance also outlines the device options and advice content which can help improve sustainable water use, while also saving money on family energy bills.

Andrew Tucker, water expert at the Energy Saving Trust says, “This report shows why water should be at the heart of energy efficiency delivery in the UK. There is a great opportunity for Green Deal and ECO schemes to include assistance from the local water company and make water efficiency a prominent part of their Green Deal offering. There’s no reason why it can’t be a win: win for both the organisations involved and more importantly the consumer.”

Nicci Russell, Policy Director at Waterwise says, “Water efficiency reduces household bills, carbon emissions and water use. Our Guidance sets out simple measures and advice which can be included in energy efficiency programmes at low cost. We recommend that Green Deal Providers, local authorities and housing associations work with water companies to include water efficiency as a key part of the energy efficiency services they offer to households.Including water savings in Green Deal and ECO schemes will result in higher savings and more attractive offer.”

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