Hydrok showcase the IFAS system at Amthorpe STW

Posted: Wednesday 27th March 2013

Severn Trent Water kindly allowed the Hydrok team to hold a showcase demonstration of their Integrated Fixed-film Activated Sludge system (IFAS) at Amthorpe STW in February 2013. The purpose of the showcase day was to demonstrate an operational application of the IFAS system.

Representatives of several of the UK's Water Companies, including Thames, Anglian, Northumbrian, Wessex, Welsh, Yorkshire and United Utilities attended the showcase day along with Consultant companies and NMC Nomenca who were the delivery engineers for the Amthorpe STW project.

The day included a site tour and background presentation prior to the practical demonstration of the operational 20 stage IFAS cages. The front-end (cell 1) was lifted and offered for close up inspection prior to a break for lunch. The common feedback was good, with attendees being impressed at the ease of removal of the integrated IFAS & FBDA (Fine Bubble Diffused Aeration) cage, from a live process stream.

Following lunch, the final (cell 20) cage was lifted, inviting comparisons with cell 1. The finer nature of biomass met with expectations of the prevalence of nitrifiers at the end of the stream, vs the prevalence of carbonaceous bacteria early on.

Hydrok would like to sincerely thank Severn Trent Water for allowing them to hold the showcase day at their Amthorpe STW.

Amthorpe STW was the first large scale installation of the Hydrok IFAS technology in the UK and has demonstrated significant reductions in energy and 'Notional Carbon Footprint' measures. Working closely with Severn Trent Water and NMC Nomenca the Hydrok solution to the tightening of the sites summer/winter ammonia levels to 3mg/l all year offered an alternative retrofit of the existing facility in preference to a new build and extension of the STW. A conventional approach would have required:-

• purchase of additional surrounding land,

• the construction of a new process stream with a further 11 ASP pockets of similar volume,

• a final settlement tank,

• an inter-stage pump station to pump between the separate process streams.

Resulting in:-

· Notional Embedded Carbon Footprint: 760tons of CO2

· Notional operational Carbon Footprint: 910tons of CO2/year

The Hydrok IFAS approach was to retrofit the existing tanks with the removal of existing surface aerators in favour of high efficiency Fine Bubble Diffused Aeration (FBDA) in conjunction with curtains of fixed bed media, plus new baffles to create a serpentine plug flow stream.

· Notional Embedded Carbon Footprint: 360tons of CO2 Saving – 53%

· Notional operational Carbon Footprint: 400tons of CO2/year Saving – 57%

The scheme has delivered these benefits, whilst now discharging effluent typically <1mg/l ammonia concentration, and with significant improvements in effluent settleability.

Lewis O'Brien, Hydrok Technical Manager, and who is jointly presenting a paper with NMC Nomenca at IChemE about the Amthorpe project commented “The project has been a great success, not only demonstrating the performance of our IFAS technology, but also exceptional team working and the enthusiastic approach to innovation adopted by both NMC Nomenca and Severn Trent Water”

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