Danaher & Walsh keeping the local traders happy!

Posted: Friday 2nd October 2009

Leicester based civil engineering construction firm, Danaher & Walsh, are ‘stars’ in the eyes of the Business Traders in St Neots, Huntingdon, as Danaher & Walsh have completed essential maintenance work in the town centre in just two and a half weeks, rather than the four weeks that was predicted.

This success story started when urgent maintenance work was required on a pumping main located in one the busiest roads in St Neots town centre. Danaher & Walsh were contracted by Anglian Water to do the job. In order to complete these maintenance works, the main road had to be closed off from traffic and the local business owners feared that the lack of access would have a negative impact on their trade. So, with the business owners in mind, the County Council and representatives from Anglican Water and Danaher & Walsh took time out to meet with business owners to make a plan to minimise loss of trade.

Dave Burkill from Danaher & Walsh explains, ‘we decided to meet with the local businesses and explain to them how important the works were and assure them that everything possible would be done to minimise the amount of time the road would be closed’

One of the local business owners said ‘we were very concerned about the impact that the road closure would have on our businesses. We really rely on the passing traffic and although we understood the need for the maintenance work, we really were worried about the potential closure of the road for the four week period’.

Due to the outstanding efforts of the Danaher & Walsh team, together with the other contractors, the maintenance works were completed in super-fast time, much to the joy of the local business owners.

Dave Burkill further explains, ‘we all worked very hard and put in the additional hours to get the job done quickly. I would like to thank the efforts of our crew and the other contractors we worked with to help us get the job done in the shorter time’.

So this story has a happy ending and Danaher & Walsh are involved in yet another success story! The road was reopened again almost two weeks ahead of schedule and traffic was running through the main street efficiently once again.

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