Bilbao’s Udal Sareak pioneers the adoption of Smart Water Grid technology in Spain

Posted: Thursday 20th December 2012

Operational efficiency gains and water loss reduction are the expected benefits from the adoption of TaKaDu’s Water Network Monitoring technology.

Udal Sareak, the Bilbao Bizkaia Water Consortium subsidiary responsible for managing the water distribution network of 60 municipalities and localities in the Bilbao area, has selected TaKaDu’s water network monitoring solution for remotely monitoring its 2,300 Km long network.

The launching of the TaKaDu service marks the first rollout of remote water network monitoring technology in Spain, and is a significant landmark in the global adoption of smart water network solutions. The service, which went live today following a two-week setup process, will allow Udal Sareak to utilize its install-base of over 1000 existing flow and pressure meters for real-time, automated monitoring of the network for inefficiencies, faults, leaks and bursts.

“We have a network of approximately 2,300 KMs of mains, that serves a population of 300,000 people.

To allow optimal management of flow control, we divided the 60 localities into 300 hydraulic sectors to allow more localized analysis”, said Mr. Koldo Urkullu, General Manager of Udal Sareak, “but this amount of data becomes unmanageable because of the large volume of data, and attending to our day-to-day operation means that analysis of data may be postponed. “It is at this point that a system like that proposed by TaKaDu allows the analysis to be performed automatically, 24 hours a day - generating meaningful events that allow us to manage the network more efficiently”, Mr. Urkullu added.
TaKaDu’s web-based interface will allow every employee of Udal Sareak to have instant access to real-time events detected by TaKaDu’s advanced algorithmic engine. “Udal Sareak is a true pioneer”, said Mr. Amir Peleg, CEO of TaKaDu, and added: “Being the first utility in Spain to recognize the need to adopt advanced technology to increase efficiency, and to roll out the solution in such a short time, puts Udal Sareak in line with the most advanced water utilities in the world”. The TaKaDu service was rolled out by TaKaDu’s partner in Spain, Envoirodata. Mr. Luis Lombana, General Manager of Envirodata, said: “The Spanish water industry has high awareness to efficiency and loss-reduction, and I’m sure that Udal Sareak‘s move will inspire additional utilities to take another step forward towards a ‘smart water network”.

In addition to its expected benefits in reducing water loss and increasing staff efficiency, TaKaDu will be used for identifying data gaps and helping the utility optimize its investment in data acquisition. According to Mr. Urkullu, “we realize that a system of this kind will require us to push forward, helping us to better implement our network strategy and force us to maintain the instrumentation and telecommunication systems more thoroughly, so we could provide reliable and current information”. Mr. Urkullu concluded: “we are very excited about this system which will allow us to categorize events and support the prioritization of repairs, improving our decision-making process.

We believe the return on investment is clear, and we expect to see the impact on the performance of our network soon."

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