Better, faster and still free - ISIS v3.6 has arrived!

Posted: Thursday 13th September 2012

ISIS v3.6, the latest update to its industry leading river and floodplain modelling, and real-time flood forecasting suite of software. The latest release provides users with a variety of new tools, features and improvements, many of which have been in response to user requests.

Dr. Michael Murray, Halcrow's modelling team leader said, "ISIS v3.6 brings about a step change in ISIS productivity by automating everyday mundane tedious tasks. The new tools within v3.6 will prove themselves invaluable on complex projects saving time and money".

The ISIS suite provides an advanced one-dimensional (1D) and two-dimensional (2D) simulation engine, analysis and visualisation tools and innovative flood inundation solvers unlike any other software available, all within one environment. This powerful combination provides users with an essential, cost-effective range of software to help assess all aspects of flood risk management.

The latest version of ISIS Free can be downloaded at no cost. It has all the same features as ISIS Professional, ISIS 2D, ISIS FAST and ISIS Mapper, with model size restrictions, which enable you to confidently apply it to smaller river modelling projects and to tackle different types of hydraulic conditions.

ISISProfessional (1D) provides full-solution modelling of open channels, culverts, floodplains, embankments and hydraulic structures. This established product also provides rainfall-runoff simulation using a range of hydrological methods.

ISIS2D enables flood extents, depths and velocities to be accurately predicted and quantifies the impact on people, property and the environment. It is an essential tool for the simulation of flooding where flow routes are controlled by both the nature of the urban landscape and the presence of drainage infrastructure.

ISIS FAST allows modellers to rapidly estimate flood extents and depths from multiple sources of water, including tides, surges and fluvial overtopping or breaching of defences, surface water and sewer flooding. It provides results up to 1,000 times faster than traditional two-dimensional methods.

ISIS Mapper is a free analysis and visualisation tool for spatial data. It enables model data to be viewed interactively alongside other GIS data. Users can produce flood maps, animated flood sequences, and extract information from spatial data sets to use in model building

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