Prominent Fluid Controls

Prominent Fluid Controls

Solutions for Your Applications – Tailor-made and Complete

Would you like to optimize or automate an existing application, for example, to reduce chemical consumption? Or are you looking for a possibility to neutralize waste water in accordance with legal regulations, automated and including a measuring value protocol? Or would you like to dose chemicals precisely into a complex process then control and monitor this action via a superordinated PLC? If you are looking for more than “just” a dosing pump, a sensor, a controller or a chlorine dioxide system then we can help you!

If you are looking for the optimal solution for your application, it is not sufficient to only choose the “right” component such as a dosing pump, a sensor or a control unit. It is rather necessary to adjust and fine-tune all components and their inter-linking to produce the best solution possible. It will be our pleasure to do that for you!

If you are interested in any one of our many products, this product will often be “just” a necessary means to an end, when you are actually intending to reorganize, optimize or automate an application, be it the neutralisation of waste water, the disinfection of drinking water or the dosing of corrosion inhibitors into a cooling circuit, just to mention a few. With more than 40 years of experience in chemical fluid handling and water treatment, we offer you much more than just single products, we offer complete solutions

Applications can be very complex. A large range of possible interactions among the necessary components such as dosing pumps, sensors, measuring and control devices and especially the hydraulic design of the piping will determine the quality and thus the efficiency of an application.

Reaching an ideal result in an application is not only a matter of choosing the right components according to the respective requirements such as counter-pressure, flow rate, temperature, measuring range or chemical resistance. To guarantee the best solution possible, all involved components have to be connected, adjusted and fine-tuned, with each other and, if necessary, with a superordinated control unit. Furthermore, possible parasitic drags from the surrounding have to be taken into consideration.

This is why our specialists are experts not only on our products but also have the necessary knowledge in hydro chemistry, hydraulics, measuring and control technology, microbiology and other areas required to solve your application problems.

Your advantage: One single contact supplying solutions from one source and, if required, including mounting and commissioning. There is no better way! Come in and click through to your particular application.

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