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Yorkshire Water uses NetMotion for improved field connectivity to deliver better customer service

Posted: Monday 20th November 2017

NetMotion Software, a leading provider of Mobile Performance Management (MPM) software solutions, has shared details of the work it is doing with UK utility Yorkshire Water to provide speedier trouble-shooting and to provide accurate connection visibility.

Yorkshire Water employ over 2000 field technicians tasked with nearly all aspects of water delivery and quality. "The ability to access job schedules, maps, pipe location data, telemetry feeds from pumping stations and more is essential for these technicians," said Martin Day, Technical Lead, Yorkshire Water. "If we don't have connectivity, we don't have anything. It underpins everything we do."

The incumbent solution offered little in the way of control and coupled with the lack of visibility as to how and what was working, led to an overall lack of clarity with what was going on with the field technicians.

Chris Walters, UK & Ireland Country Manager, NetMotion Software said, "After extensive investigation into the challenges that Yorkshire Water were experiencing, we wanted to provide a solution that would allow for greater visibility into users, connections, application and devices. Our aim was to improve every aspect of connectivity with their mobile workforce."

Yorkshire Water opted to trial NetMotion's Mobile Performance Management (MPM) software that the business eventually adopted after extensive testing. Darren Metcalfe, Infrastructure Clients Manager, Yorkshire Water added: "The diagnostics tools are particularly strong. It gives us a coverage map by device, by 2G/3G/4G and a view of connectivity across the whole service area that's user-generated by our guys in the field. That gives us the opportunity to go to our service provider to say look, you don't provide the connectivity in this area, is there something you can do? Or if we get a call from an individual saying there's no coverage, we say I know exactly where you are, if you drive 100 feet further down this road you'll have coverage."

NetMotion's solution allows Yorkshire Water to have direct conversations with their service provider regarding coverage black spots or for the Support team to provide technicians with accurate, real-time coverage data. Strong diagnostics allows the Support team to quickly identify problems. This provides the field guys with swift resolution to any issues they are having coupled with less downtime and improved efficiencies. Darren goes on to say, "the solution will tell us if we've got a problem with an application, network or hardware, we can find out directly where the problem lies rather than rooting around for an eternity."

The adoption of NetMotion MPM software by Yorkshire Water has led to a number of significant benefits including, single sign-on, military grade encryption, enhanced security, wider Wi-Fi support and device authentication amongst others.

"Installation of the solution resulted in no impact to the business - no down time. Field technicians are much happier now, sharing their positive experiences with others within the organisation," continued Day. "The support guys have full visibility. For IT it's easy to patch and maintain, the solution is resilient and capacity can be increased almost instantly. We've made all of our lives easier, if an organisation has high valued, mobile workers, they need NetMotion."

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