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West Hanoi Crowne Plaza Trusts its Drinking Water to Hanovia UV

Posted: Friday 25th January 2013

Hanovia’s UV technology is disinfecting drinking water for the Crowne Plaza Group’s flagship five star West Hanoi hotel in Vietnam. The UV systems remove potentially harmful microorganisms from the incoming city water supply, in line with WHO* guidelines for drinking water quality. All the Hanovia UV systems are designed to provide a minimum 99.9% reduction in E.coli, Cryptospiridium, Giardia and other harmful microorganisms.

“Although Hanoi’s city water supply is normally free of E.coli, the design consultant for the Crowne Plaza specified UV disinfection for its five star hotels in Vietnam to ensure all water meets the WHO’s drinking water quality guidelines,” commented Hanovia’s Asia Pacific Manager Ying Xu. “In this way the hotel group is providing an extra level of health and safety for its residents,” added Ying.

“We selected Hanovia’s UV systems for this installation because of the company’s high brand recognition as a supplier of quality, high-end UV systems,” said a spokesperson from STD&S Co., Ltd, Hanovia’s exclusive Vietnam distributor. “The hotel group is so satisfied with the performance of the UV systems that it has ordered more units for another hotel currently under construction in the Vietnamese coastal city of Nhan Trang,” the spokesperson added.

10 UV systems are installed in the West Hanoi hotel: four PMD medium pressure UV units and six AF3 amalgam UV units, with flow rates ranging from 162m3/h down to 5m3/h. One of the AF3 systems disinfects water for the hotel’s restaurant; the other nine treat water for all the hotel bedrooms, apartment complexes and offices.

All the UV systems treat water from a storage tank that has passed through a water softener and sand filter. Water passing through the UV system serving the restaurant also passes through a RO (reverse osmosis) filter immediately prior to UV disinfection, offering an additional level of protection.

Additional benefits of Hanovia’s UV technology mentioned by the contractor include low maintenance; ease of use; low operating costs; no high-temperature issues with the AF3 systems, which are quite capable of handling high water temperatures; and the multi-functionality of the PMD systems’ control systems, which are easily integrated with bleed valves to control water temperature.

Commenting on the installation, Hanovia’s Managing Director John Ryan said: “This is an interesting installation for Hanovia. Many of our existing hotel installations are for swimming pools and spas, but our expertise in providing UV water disinfection systems for high purity applications in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries means we are well-placed to provide similar systems for water treatment in hotels or other public buildings.”

The WHO describes UV radiation as “biocidal between wavelengths of 180 and 320 nm. It can be used to inactivate protozoa, bacteria, bacteriophages, yeast, viruses, fungi and algae.”

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