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Wessex Water selects dry well pumps

Posted: Friday 4th April 2008

Wessex Water’s Elgin Road and Wilderton Road pumping stations serve Poole East, the Poole beaches and parts of Poole Harbour. Wilderton Road pumps to Elgin Road via a rising main and gravity sewer and Elgin pumps to the Poole STW via a rising main and gravity sewer. The pumping stations were built in about 1965 and the current pumps were installed in the early 90s.

Extensive repairs and maintenance resulted in a requirement for the pumps to be replaced. The original intention, prior to discussions with Hidrostal, was to refurbish the existing pumps as Wessex Water did not believe they could purchase dry-well submersible pumps with integral flywheel. The flywheel arrangement is required to prevent surges in the mains in the event of a power failure. If the surge is not controlled it is very likely that the mains will burst and this must be avoided at all costs.

From the time Hidrostal designed the screw centrifugal impeller, innovation has been part of the company’s culture. Hidrostal’s immersible pump, a derivative of the submersible range, is capable of continuous operation in a dry installation. The pumps are particularly suited for dry pit applications and for installations where quiet running, clean surroundings, reliable and long trouble free operation is required. The pumps can be installed either vertically or horizontally. The optional flywheel installed within the motor enclosure is available to reduce the effects of surge in pipelines. When the flow rate in the hydraulic system changes quickly, pressure pulses can occur. This may be caused by an interruption of the power supply which causes the impeller of the pump to stop suddenly thereby causing water hammer. As a result, an impulsive sound or breakage of the pipe line in the worst case may occur. The use of the flywheel type submersible pump is a perfect solution to such cases.

The pumping requirement for Elgin Road Pumping station was 850 l/s and for Wilderton Road 440 l/s. Hidrostal supplied 4 pumps with 175kW motors for Elgin Rd S.PS and 4 pumps with 110kW motors for Wilderton Rd SPS all fitted with integral flywheels. As well as the pumps being replaced, both pumping stations are undergoing a complete overall. This is being undertaken on Wessex Water’s behalf by the DAMAR Group who are the Principal Contractors.

Said Eddie Pearce, of Wessex Water: ‘We are very pleased with the installation, both in the work that DAMAR has done and the Hidrostal pumps. .. Operations are also very impressed with how quiet the pumps run when working... ‘

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