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Posted: Thursday 26th August 2010

Watermatic, part of the Sentinel Group, is increasingly offering many large businesses a way of reducing their energy consumption by reducing limescale build up in their systems. Untreated limescale in hard water areas of the country – that’s more than 60% of the UK - results in a need to use far more electricity than should be required for clean, scale free plant and hot water systems.

Watermatic’s KalGuard ‘+’ units are in particular proving hugely beneficial to hotels, nursing homes, leisure centres, food processing businesses, offices and retail outlets - the latest being ASDA. One of the UK’s leading supermarkets, ASDA has begun to utilise KalGuard ‘+’ units in their supermarkets to reduce limescale build up in direct hot water systems, and the kitchens and food preparation areas in their stores.

One of the first stores to benefit from a KalGuard ‘+’ unit is the store in Andover in Hampshire. The unit was installed in May 2009 and has been operating for more than 12 months.

Nicholas Riley, Mechanical Services Engineering Manager, Retail Development at ASDA says he’s happy with the outcome so far: “Many of our stores operate in hard water areas of the country and it plainly makes sense to try and address the issue of limescale at the point where the water supply comes onto our premises from the mains. At Andover, we have been able to mount the KalGuard ‘+’ unit at the mains supply inlet.

“All major businesses are looking for ways of reducing energy usage and CO2 emissions and in the current climate looking at their CRC commitment. Initial feedback from people working in the stores suggests that KalGuard ‘+’ is doing what we were told it would do and is providing the level of water treatment required to ensure that limescale build up does not become a major issue for us.”

Watermatic’s Rob Hill says the ASDA project is an exciting one and providing further evidence that KalGuard ‘+’ offers a serious option for larger companies looking to reduce their energy bills: “We’re delighted that ASDA is happy with the performance to date. We’re seeing excellent results from units installed across the hard water areas of the UK in a wide range of different applications, and interest in KalGuard ‘+’ continues to rise.”

Straightforward to install, KalGuard ‘+’ is an in-line powered electrolytic water treatment device that delivers a proportional release of zinc to manage limescale within a system. The unit incorporates a simple to use, yet sophisticated controller to match the level of dosing to suit the systems water hardness conditions producing a measurable “residual” effect throughout the system, and as a result in independent testing at Cranfield University has been shown to reduce limescale formation on heat transfer surfaces by up to 80 percent.

Amongst other businesses that have already installed KalGuard ‘+’ equipment to protect their systems and reduce their energy consumption are well known names such as Birds Eye, BMW, Whitbread and KrispyCreme Doughnuts!

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