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Water Experts Complete Biggest Cleaning Job for 2010

Posted: Wednesday 26th January 2011

Water quality engineering firm Panton McLeod has celebrated the successful completion of its biggest project in 2010 – draining and cleaning a massive water storage tank in Lancashire for United Utilities.

As part of a project by KMI Plus, the firm was contracted to drain and clean the enormous storage tank at Woodgate Hill in Bury – a vast underground structure which is twice the size of Bury F.C.’s Gigg Lane stadium.

The facility, which can hold up to 70 million litres of water for households in the region, is of one of a network of huge underground structures across the UK that are used to store clean drinking water before it is sent to customers’ taps.

A five-man team of engineers from Panton McLeod spent three days inside the tank following recent refurbishments of the service reservoir - where they removed a build-up of material from the walls and floor to ensure water supplies remained at their highest levels.

The team also washed down the walls, floors and ceilings with the Panton McLeod’s own specialist disinfection chemicals, developed to meet the stringent health and safety standards required for the drinking water industry.

Barclay Smart, civil engineer at Panton McLeod, said: “We regularly clean and inspect huge water tanks across the UK, but Woodgate Hill is easily the biggest we have been involved with this year. It is a vast underground structure that can store up to 70 million litres of water, so it was a challenging project for the team.

“When you’re cleaning something that is twice the size of Bury F.C.’s stadium it can be a little daunting, but the lads were all fantastic during this project. After completely draining the tank, they went inside and worked flat out to ensure that the entire facility was meticulously cleaned within a few days.

“This kind of routine work ensures that all water stored in the tank remains as pure as possible and there are no turbidity issues with supplies. As a result, tens of thousands of households in the region will continue to receive the freshest supplies of drinking water from their taps in the future.”

The project was undertaken by KMI Plus as part of their ongoing work in the region for water company United Utilities.

Panton McLeod is one of the leading names in the UK water industry and provides a wide range of cleaning, inspection and repair services for major water firms such as Scottish Water and Severn Trent Water.

The firm has also pioneered the use of innovative underwater robots which can inspect and clean water storage structures while they are still filled with drinking water and in service – meaning there is no disruption to customers’ supplies.

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