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Posted: Wednesday 15th September 2021

Veolia Water Technologies UK’s (VWT UK) installed its innovative Hydrotech Discfilter technology with pre-chemical conditioning to help reduce the final effluent phosphorus levels at a large-scale wastewater treatment works in North West England. The solution was selected due to its ability to meet the site’s stringent performance, programme and cost targets.

At the location in question, the site of operations discharges directly into the local river. As part of the National Environment Programme (WINEP), a collective £5 billion investment by water companies to protect the natural environment, the company was tasked with a performance commitment to tighten its continuous discharge permit figures which would in turn improve the water quality for a 29.6km stretch of the river.

To do so, the water company needed a solution that would reduce the level of phosphorus in its final effluent to below 0.5 mg/l, while also addressing the works ongoing Dry Weather Flow (DWF) permit failure. It was also crucial that the installed systems were operational prior to its regulatory date of the 31st March 2020 came into effect.

Following a competitive bid, VWT UK was selected to supply the ideal solution. Scoring highly with regards to CAPEX and OPEX savings during the wastewater treatment works’ initial assessment, VWT UK supplied two Hydrotech Discfilter units with pre-chemical conditioning stages in order to develop a stable floc for removal. By supplying pre-coagulation and flocculation tanks with mixers alongside the Hydrotech Discfilters, VWT UK’s complete solution could easily carry out the removal of the desired levels of phosphorus and other particles to meet the site’s performance targets.

Since its installation, the specified solution has surpassed the required performance targets, with an effluent total suspended solids (TSS) output of <7.5mg/l and total phosphorus output of <0.5mg/l. Furthermore, VWT UK has agreed a service contract to ensure the Hydrotech Discfilter and pre-chemical conditioning systems continue to operate as expected.

“Veolia Water Technologies has carried out numerous Hydrotech Discfilter installations around the world with pre-chemical conditioning, but this is the first of its kind in the UK. As such we are now excited to bring this option to our UK customers,” commented Paul Cooper, Municipal Business Development Manager at VWT UK. “By implementing this innovative technology, the site of operations has comfortably met crucial performance targets and reduced its impact on the natural environment and local wildlife.”

VWT UK’s Hydrotech Discfilter uses polyester woven cloth filters mounted on multiple discs to provide a large filter area in a small footprint - up to two to three times more filter area than a drum filter of the same external dimensions. Hydrotech Discfilter units are commonly used for phosphorus removal, stormwater treatment, membrane pre-treatment, water reuse and wastewater filtration.

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