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Tsurumi pump clears the way for Hamburg underground train line

Posted: Friday 5th February 2016

The durable Tsurumi LH 8110 submersible pump exceeds expectations in deep-water excavation in the Hamburg Underground Construction Pit project.

The ‘Hamburg Underground Construction Pit’ project involves excavating approximately 120,000m³ for the Hamburg underground train line by the end of February 2016. Martens en Van Oord, a leading civil engineering company in the Netherlands, is relying on an eight inch Tsurumi LH 8110 to perform the wet excavation.

Based in Oosterhout, the company looked to Netherlands Tsurumi dealer, Distrimex Pompen & Service (, for advice on a submersible pump for heavy duty dredging applications that demand high heads and flow. After a full consultation, the Tsurumi LH 8110 was selected for the task. Featuring an eight inch high pressure pump with an output of 110 kW, the LH 8110 is the largest Tsurumi pump ever delivered from the Netherlands.

The Tsurumi LH 8110 provides superior pump performance in the LH series when looking at both pressure and flow, supplying 10 bars of pressure at a capacity of over 190 m³/hr., making it the perfect solution for this application. As with all Tsurumi submersible pumps, the dual mechanical seals operate in an oil chamber, additionally lubricated by a patented oil-lifter. The pump is complete with a chromium iron casting impeller and adjustable wear rings, guaranteeing increased wear resistance. Seal pressure relief ports provide a flow path above the pump casing and allow pressure to release from the pump casing and away from the shaft. This protects the mechanical seals from excessive pumping pressure or water hammer in high head pumping applications.

Pumping sand for the Hamburg underground train line

The Tsurumi pump loosened the soil in the construction pit, allowing the sand to be pumped out using a dredge pump. Martens en Van Oord has combined the Tsurumi LH 8110 and the dredge pump into a single unit in order to increase the maneuverability of the unit inside the construction pit. The pump is suspended from a dragline crane, making it possible for Martens en Van Oord to reach any area inside the construction pit.

Based in Doetinchem, Distrimex has been working with Tsurumi for more than 30 years and is a leading partner in the pump industry throughout the Netherlands. Thanks to Tsurumi’s excellent local stock availability, Distrimex managed the delivery of this Tsurumi high-flow high-pressure pump to Hamburg within an impressive time of just one week, including a complete control unit containing a frequency inverter. Martens en Van Oord then fitted a special cover, including a thrust piece with jet nozzles.

After a full review of eight inch high pressure submersible pumps available on the market, Martens en Van Oord found the Tsurumi LH 8110 to be the most suited for the job. Thanks to cooperation with Distrimex Pompen & Service and the superior performance of the Tsurumi pump, the Hamburg Underground Construction Pit is on track to meet its scheduled completion date.

“The Martens en Van Oord people were very satisfied with the Tsurumi LH8110, the quality and performance of this pump were above their expectations,” said Mark van Aken, sales engineer, at Distrimex.

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