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Trelleborg epros Liner System Keeps Major Belfast Hotel Operational

Posted: Monday 9th March 2009

Contractor Dyno-Rod Belfast recently undertook what at first glance may seem to be a short length pipe rehabilitation project of little interest. The project however turned out to be much more than that.

The project was located at the prestigious Europa Hotel, in central Belfast, which claims to be one of the world's most famous hotels, located in the heart of Belfast close to the central business district and only 5 minutes' walk to the shopping district, the Grand Opera House and the City’s Golden Mile.

The problem being encountered by the Hotel was that a main 150 mm diameter drainage pipe running beneath the main kitchen area and room service routes was suffering from exfiltration of wastewater over a length of about 20 m into the basement area of the hotel. Whilst under normal circumstances this might not be seen to be a significant problem and easily solvable using a liner repair, even using trenchless techniques for the job proved difficult as access was located only via small corridors with no headroom. No height or width meant there was no option to excavate to put in new drains and no room to use an inversion tower for lining.

On consulting with Dyno-Rod Belfast, which was brought on to the project by principal contractor Graham Construction, it was decided that it would be the correct solution to utilise a Trelleborg epros DrainLiner CIPP lining system with a special L30 e1 silicate resin to complete the repair. The special resin was chosen because it not only gave a good structural repair to the host pipe but also exhibited excellent heat resistance qualities once cured which suited the circumstances of this particular drain well as it is regularly flushed with high temp water (up to 60oC) and cleaning chemicals.

Another limitation on the project was that the Hotel management insisted that the work should be completed in a single 8 hour work window on 26 August 2008, with no out of hours working or shut down of the Hotel’s operations during that period. This made for a very tight operation which had to include: set up of the wastewater bypass system, cleaning of the host pipe over the length to be lined, setting up for the lining run, inserting the lining, curing the CIPP liner, re-opening of one lateral connection serving the room service kitchen and inspecting the finished liner to ensure the lining was correctly installed.

The launch manhole for the lining operation was located within a main corridor. As a main operational route for staff through the Hotel access to establish the equipment necessary for the lining work was difficult.

Commenting on the project Steve Butterworth of Trelleborg epros International Ltd said: “From an equipment manufacturers perspective the job would have been pretty straight forward under normal circumstances. But, due to the problems with the temperature of the wastewater expected to be passing through the pipe in the future and the limited access for all aspects of the works, it was not at all easy for Dyno-Rod’s crew. It was a remarkable achievement that the work was not only finished on time but that it was also completed without any particular problems. Although the Dyno-Rod operatives have undertaken many CIPP lining operations, they had limited experience of this particular Trelleborg epros resin system. However, we were pleased with the outcome.”

Trelleborg epros supplies not only three types of Silicate resins for pipe lining works but also three different Epoxy resin types, all of which are backed up with testing data. The company also offers full technical backup both verbal, electronically and through onsite support.

For contractor Dyno-Rod, Stephen Kennedy, Director, said: “As a contractor we have been utilising pipeline rehabilitation techniques for many years and knew this project could be successfully completed using CIPP technology. It was obvious that the circumstances of this particular pipeline were such that we required the right sort of resin to do the job correctly. Working together with Trelleborg epros we were able to arrive at the required solution for these circumstances. The lining system supplier’s support throughout was most valuable to us in enabling us to complete the lining project to the exacting standards required by the client.”

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