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Successful egg-shaped repairs for new Pillow Packer user

Posted: Thursday 5th October 2017

An egg-shaped culvert with difficult access has been successfully repaired by CPS Drainage Solutions (CPS), during their first use of their new Pillow Packer.

"The culvert had partially collapsed causing a sinkhole in a prominent location, so an urgent repair was needed," explained Neil Walton, Managing Director of CPS.

"Without the pillow packer, we would have had to wait for a hard-ended egg-shaped packer to be made and then we would still have had to excavate as the access was too restricted for that type of packer. Using the Pillow Packer certainly saved us both time and money and played a key part in getting the repair completed quickly."

The company installed 6 patches within the culvert, over a 2-day operation, to completely restore it. The Pillow Packer was purchased with this job in mind, although Neil was initially considering it for another job.

"We discussed the product details with Source One Environmental (S1E), the supplier, and realised how helpful it could be for this repair. The conversation also helped in making sure we ordered the right specification," Neil commented.

Training is offered from Source One Environmental (S1E) with every pillow packer purchased, but this repair was so urgent that CPS didn't have time to undertake this prior to starting the job.

"S1E gave us lots of advice and also suggested we contact PBF Drainage. PBF have the most experience in the UK with this type of packer and they gave us some very useful tips for working with it on site," stated Neil. "The installation was a learning experience but all the patches were installed successfully. Our customer, North Midlands Construction, has been delighted with the result."

CPS have a list of similar jobs to complete in the near future. "We'll certainly be using the pillow packer for these as there is a similar problem with access to all of the culverts. In each case, we can avoid excavation by using the pillow packer," said Neil.

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