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‘Spiroflow’ Bulk Bag Filler – helping to make money from waste

Posted: Monday 4th June 2012

‘Spiroflow’ Bulk Bag Fillers are the equipment of choice for a Canadian company offering recovery systems for wastewater treatment plants. Vancouver based Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies has developed a new generation of wastewater treatment systems that create value from waste by recovering nutrients, such as phosphorous, and transforming them into revenue-generating, environmentally-friendly, commercial fertiliser.

For their systems, Ostara need a reliable bulk bag filler for the material created during nutrient recovery. The end product, a premium, slow release fertilizer is marketed under the brand name Crystal Green®.

One user of the Ostara system is Clean Water Services, a water resources management utility located in Oregon, USA and recognised for their innovation and forward-thinking. Their Durham Advanced Wastewater Treatment Facility in Tigard, Oregon was the first facility in the United States to install a commercial nutrient recovery facility using Ostara’s technology. The $2.5 million nutrient recovery system with three reactor vessels was constructed in June 2009. The system has the capacity to produce 500 tonnes of Crystal Green® fertilizer per year, for sale across North America. This innovation not only helps the treatment facility meet environmental regulations, but saves energy and maintenance costs, increases capacity at the treatment facility and provides a reliable revenue stream with a five year pay-back. Clean Water Services’ Plant Operator, Brett Laney, oversees the Ostara Nutrient Recovery System at the Durham Plant. According to Laney, ‘From an operational perspective, we’ve had a great experience with the ‘Spiroflow’ Bulk Bag Filler. It works very well and is fast and simple to operate. We can fill two 1,000 kg. bulk bags in about ten minutes. I will be running another Ostara Nutrient Recovery System currently being built at our Rock Creek operation in Hillsboro, Oregon and I'm glad Spiroflow will be providing the bulk bag filling system there. I know we won’t have any problems‘.

In addition to the installation at Clean Water Services in Oregon, Spiroflow has designed and installed bulk bag fillers for other Ostara Nutrient Recovery Systems at treatment facilities in York, Pennsylvania and Suffolk, Virginia, USA.

According to Aynul Dharas, VP of Projects for Ostara, ‘We evaluated various suppliers and felt that Spiroflow was a good fit. They had the right experience and we were confident that they could handle our fertilisers effectively. Spiroflow engineers have made mechanical changes to the newer systems that improve the automation process which have been very helpful. We were also very comfortable working with Spiroflow’s sales and service people. Any issues that came up were resolved quickly and completely. It’s a good partnership and we have a strong working relationship.’ Dharas adds, ‘We have two more major installations currently scheduled and we will continue to include Spiroflow’s bulk bag fillers as part of those Nutrient Recovery Solutions.’

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