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Soundsens i Finds Water in Middle East

Posted: Friday 15th August 2008

Correlating noise loggers from Halma Water Management were successfully used in a leak finding project by Transco, along the Jabal Hafeet Road in the United Arab Emirates. The pilot test not only identified, but also accurately pinpointed two mains water leaks along the road, which extends over 7 miles up the tallest mountain in the Arabian Peninsula servicing hotel and palace complexes.

The Soundsens i loggers were deployed over a 350m stretch alongside the mountain road, near to the Jabal Hafeet hotel. The mains pipe was a 200mm diameter Carbon steel pipe with isolation coating, with a wall thickness of 12mm and buried 1.5m under sand, high-voltage cable and Asphalt. Laid in the hard shoulder of the important road, near to royal residences, a leak had been suspected in the pipe for nearly 6 months. With no existing access or chambers nearby, 3 holes were dug to install the Soundsens pods on directly onto the pipe.

Placed at intervals of 196m and 148m, data was collected for three readings: one before cutting power to the nearby cable, one with no power, and one just checking the area between the 2nd and 3rd sensors. All three tests returned accurately similar results, confirming the presence of not one but two leaks, with accuracy unaffected by interference from the power cable. The actual testing was carried out by HWMs agent for the Middle East, Reetaj Technology & Technical Services.

Across the 3 tests, results for leak locations were within 15cm of each other, suggesting that the leaks had indeed been pinpointed. An HWM Xmic Ground Microphone was used to check and confirm the locations, before excavation revealed the leaking water itself and the repair team moved in to successfully fix the pipe.

The SoundSens i system features infra-red communication, so there are no cables, and set-up and download can now be done without the need for a PC. In addition, cases of loggers can be linked to allow simultaneous set-up and download.

Further information can be found on the HWM website at

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