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seepex innovations challenge traditional thinking

Posted: Friday 18th March 2011

seepex Big Pumps challenge use of traditional piston pumps

Compact pump design includes split stator for ease of maintenance

Solution offers significant cost savings

Seepex can now offer a modern alternative to using traditional piston pumps to transfer difficult and sticky dewatered sludge cake thanks to design innovations. Continued technical development by seepex includes modular and optimised hopper and auger designs and feed arrangements of sludge into the pumping elements together with the introduction of the Big Pump range. The unique hopper and concentric auger feed design overcomes the need for bridge breakers as sticky sludge bridging is eliminated. This design not only copes easily with varying % dry solids content of the sticky product but is also capable of handling higher volumes and pressures so challenging other pumping technologies.

When Welsh Water took the decision to reduce reliance on energy intensive thermal drying of sludge at three plants in South Wales in favour of advanced anaerobic digestion and power generation seepex rose to the challenge. The design criteria was to transport the highest volume of % ds content as possible to the new Thermal Hydrolysis feed silo but keeping the discharge pressures within the design scope.

After reviewing the installation seepex engineering experts came up with a complete solution. seepex proposed modifications to the existing silo discharge systems to take new technologies and specified a pump design that allows easy removal of the pump stator. The resultant order was not limited to just the pumps but included a new silo discharge screw, an automatic boundary layer injection system to reduce friction losses, isolation valves and control equipment.

As all plant needed to be installed within existing boundaries space was limited. To overcome space restrictions split stator technology was included for all eight Big Pumps installed, bringing ease of maintenance by eliminating the need to remove a complete pump for maintenance. Installation was completed at the beginning of 2010.

Seepex designs now offers not only the capability to pump dewatered sludge with up to 45% dry solid content but to also convey this difficult sticky product distances of over 200m .

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