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seepex challenge traditional metering technology

Posted: Wednesday 3rd August 2011

seepex progressive cavity pumps now offer an alternative to using unreliable, high maintenance diaphragm pumps for metering and dosing of NaOCl for water disinfection at water treatment plants. The seepex pumps can easily cope with the corrosive nature and “gasing off” of NaOCl, which presents problems for many pumps and metering equipment. seepex has proved that their progressive cavity metering pumps are reliable, economical and highly effective.

Water for 2.4 millions customers in the San Francisco Bay Area is stored at the Hetch-Hetchy reservoir on the Tuolumne River. The East Bay Field Facilities, operated by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, uses 12.5% NaOCL for water disinfection at the Tesla Portal Disinfection station. It was finding major issues with diaphragm pumps which were prone to vapour lock and pulsation issues. As a result check valves plus vibration and pulsation dampeners had to be installed for each pump at a cost of $450 per pump. In addition extra maintenance manpower costs were incurred to just keep the diaphragm pumps running by releasing vapour locks. “It took intense supervision to keep them going”, commented Steve Shaw, Chief Stationary Engineer at the East Bay Field facility.

Misco Pacific Water, a water and wastewater treatments equipment company then recommended seepex progressive cavity pumps should be used as an alternative. A customised trial pump was installed for an unlimited period to show how the seepex solution would perform. Steve Shaw said he was convinced even before the pumps were in place. “seepex provided referrals who were only too happy to tell us why they loved their seepex pumps” Shaw continued.

The pumps have proved so reliable that the engineers can count on them to meter constantly without instrumentation or analyzers and the pumps need no accessories to prevent vapour lock. In addition the pumps rarely require repairs. The simplicity of seepex pump maintenance means minimum time and manpower are required when a part must be replaced, significantly reducing downtime costs.

As a result of the success at Tesla, and the successful disinfection of 288 million gallons of water per day, a further 24 new seepex pumps have now been ordered for another of San Francisco’s chlorination facilities at Sunol Valley as part of a capital improvement programme.

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