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Posted: Tuesday 16th March 2021

Thanks to its industry leading AQUAVISTA™ digital monitoring system, Veolia Water Technologies UK (VWT UK) was recently able to rectify a water systems breakdown at Halton General Hospital within half an hour and without needing to dispatch system engineers.

Since it was first installed in July 2019, the VWT water treatment system in the Endoscopy Department at Halton General Hospital had provided reliable, efficient performance. The reverse osmosis system, which comprised of VWT UK’s Thermapure™ 300 Duplex Unit, as well as the company’s AQUAVISTA™ Portal digital monitoring system had supplied water to washers in the facility, effectively upholding water quality levels in the process. However, following a sudden change to the hospital’s water supply, the system was unable to function – preventing any supply of water.

Simon Whittingham, Service Support Manager for Process Water at VWT UK commented: “Due to the change to the hospital’s water system, microbial levels in the water dropped below what the system had been initially programmed to recognise. Unusually, the water had become too pure and was no longer triggering a response from the existing Thermapure™ 300 Duplex Unit. Fortunately, as the client was signed up to our AQUAVISTA™ Portal digital monitoring services, we were able to resolve the problem over the phone incredibly quickly.”

The experienced team from VWT UK were able to utilise remote access to the hospital’s portal dashboard and identify the issue remotely, before recommending an effective remedy to the on-site technicians. As such, Halton General Hospital was able to get the system back up and running within 30 minutes. Use of the ground-breaking cloud-based dashboard interface helped to mitigate the potential for on-site disruption, which in turn, could have adversely affected patients and staff alike.

Paul Jones, Halton Estates Team Leader at Halton General Hospital commented: “Thanks to the AQUAVISTA™ Portal digital monitoring service we were able to resolve a small technical issue before it snowballed into a disruptive episode, which would have affected work on-site. The speed with which VWT UK was able to identify and then rectify the issue was really impressive. Ultimately, without the AQUAVISTA™ Portal monitoring service in place we would have had to call a VWT UK engineer out to site and could have potentially lost crucial access to our washer systems for 24 hours.”

Offering an effective solution for improving the efficiency and environmental impact of water treatment facilities while maximising value, AQUAVISTA™ Portal is part of VWT’s suite of AQUAVISTA™ digital services, an all-in-one digital solution for intelligent water management. As showcased at Halton General Hospital, the powerful system allows for the complete monitoring of all fixed installations and mobile water treatment units. The cloud-based service also enables remote access for users and technicians alike, guaranteeing simpler management for each process engineer and site operator accordingly. What’s more, should an issue occur on-site, AQUAVISTA™ Portal can provide equipment data in real time and send important alerts to users’ tablet or smartphone devices.

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