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SAS, WAS and Bio sludges - no problem on the new Hiller SEE Decapress® Range

Posted: Tuesday 14th April 2015

Following an extensive series of on-site trials and a two year development programme the new SEE range of Hiller Decapress centrifuges have proven themselves as being user friendly and first choice when it comes to dewatering the finer sludge types such as Surpluss Activated Sludge SAS, Waste activated Sludge (WAS) and biological humus type sludges..

Installation of two DP45-422 models of Decapress at a Scottish Water site recently gave cakes of 20 24% dry solids which was far superior to the previously installed belt presses which were only attaining 18 to 20 % dry solids.

The fully enclosed design of the centrifuge also means that there are no possibilities of aerosols or odour leaks and smells from the site have been considerably reduced.

Reduced water usage also means that the loading of the site has been eased as there is no wash water required for belt cleaning during operation of the centrifuge.

The solids are discharged as a stackable cake suitable for transportation off site by normal skip/trailer.

United Utilities have also installed two DP574 SEE units at Stockport WWTW dewatering digested sewage sludges to a high cake dry solids with > 98% capture using powder polymer at low dose rates.

The unique Stationary Energy Efficient scroll drive system with remote mounted SEE controller automatically monitors the scrolling torque which is directly proportional to the solids content of the feed and continuously optimises process performance by adjusting the differential speed to suit.

The new SEE controller is six times faster processing capability than conventional control systems and offers Ethernet and profibus connectivity as standard.

SEE which stands for stationary energy efficient drive has a gearbox which is stationary and hence has no drive belts, so no loss in drive efficiency or belt tensioning and the oil can be filtered and cooled continuously making for a long lasting and robust drive arrangement.

Centrifuge capacity of the trial machine is 25 30 m3/hr while other models in the range are capable of processing up to 100 m3/hr.

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