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Rosedale Products filter out savings for Precision Engineering Company

Posted: Thursday 11th June 2015

Bronte Precision Engineering based in Bradford has recently installed filters from Rosedale Products on a number of their machines and are seeing significant benefits already. “I have been very impressed, I was sceptical at first but we are seeing improvements in tool life and we are not changing coolant as often as before so we are also reducing our waste disposal costs” explains Steve Leach, Managing Director of Bronte Precision.

Rosedale Products Europe Ltd is based in Wakefield and offer products that can filter any type of liquid. Sales Manager Martin King as well as having a background in filtration has particular experience with water based cutting fluids. When approached by Bronte Precision he could see significant opportunities but also faced some challenges from members of the Management team. As Martin explains “We were initially approached by David Bailey, General Manager of Bronte Precision who was looking at ways to reduce waste water costs and improve performance and had seen the benefits of filtration at a previous company.” On visiting the company Martin found that Managing Director Steve Leach was much less enthusiastic! “I realised that only way to convince Steve would be to demonstrate what our filters could do and so offered to run a trial to show him exactly what could be achieved.”

The main objective of this project was to reduce rising costs on the waste disposal of the water soluble machining coolants and improve cutting tool life. Rosedale Products recommended initially, setting up a trial using a Rosedale mobile filter unit. This would enable Bronte Engineering to see the benefits for themselves on different machines before making a decision on investment. This mobile filter unit is supplied on a rental basis during the trial period, if a customer then decides to purchase filters this rental cost is deducted from the purchase price.

Bronte Precision was delighted with the results of the trail, so much so that they have now purchased filters for four machines, two Haas Machining centres, a cylindrical grinding machine and a Pinacho CNC Lathe. Analysis of the water based coolant showed a significant reduction in the levels of contaminants and the life of the water based coolant this in turn led to improved tool life, plus waste disposal costs reduced. An additional benefit the company has also seen improved surface finishes on a number of components.

Mr Leach is now converted, “Pay back was always a major factor in deciding whether to go forward with this project and I am now confident that a payback will be achieved well within the next 12 months”. Bronte Precision has 6 CNC lathes, 7 CNC machining centres as well as a wide range of gear manufacturing equipment and is looking forward to working with Rosedale Products to continue development of the project, confident in the knowledge and expertise of Rosedale Products Europe.

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