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Romanian wastewater

Posted: Friday 7th October 2016

On 20 September 2016, Nijhuis Industries and Azomures S.A. officially inaugurated a state-of-the-art Romanian WWTP. The WWTP treats 22.000 m3 wastewater per day, containing high nitrogen values and has the latestincorporated controls to manage and monitor the system, as part of their expansion program. Azomures S.A. decided in 2014 to build a new biological WWTP to prepare 2016 new regulations of discharging effluent into the Trgu Mures river. The total project, consisting of the modernization of the urea and ammonia installation as well as wastewater treatment, is one of the largest and most advanced plants ever built in Romania, complying with Romanian and European environmental and productivity standards.

Inauguration program
The inauguration program included a presentation by sr executives of Nijhuis Industries, Azomures and Aquaserv (operator WW of the municipality of Turgu Mures). The program was followed by an introduction tour around the state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plant. The official ribbon-cutting ceremony took place at the Azomures WWTP together with Mr. Lucian Goga, Prefect of the Mures County which is part of the historical Transylvania region. The Prefect takes a lead-role in the implementation of the Romanian water and wastewater regulations and compliance to the EU regulations.

A WWTP with the lowest possible OPEX
In July 2014, Nijhuis Industries won the contract to deliver a large turnkey wastewater treatment project for Azomures. The large amount of wastewater provided an interesting challenge to design a WWTP with a small footprint within the available plot of land. Azomures was searching for a robust design based on the lowest possible OPEX. As a turnkey contractor, Nijhuis designed a system with a pumping station to transfer the water 4.5 kilometers from the Azomures plant to the Turgu Mures municipal plant site (Aquaserv). Here the wastewater is collected in two parallel biological systems consisting of pre- and post-denitrification tanks, aeration tanks and clarifier systems. The Nijhuis BIOCTOR-MELAMINE solution is a specially designed biological treatment plant, to treat melamine and other nitrogen containing components, which need to be removed from the wastewater to meet the Romanian and European effluent requirements.

Nijhuis started the advanced process design in September 2014 and based on a fast-track project delivery, the civil works were commissioned in November 2015. Especially adopted seeding sludge was introduced to achieve optimal growth and adaptation of the bacteria in the biological system. The WWTP was commissioned mid November 2015 and since then over 55,000.000 m3 of wastewater has been treated and discharged to the Mures river. Since 1 January 2016 the values are monitored daily by the Aquaserv WWTP operators and the Nijhuis monitoring team. The WWTP is achieving excellent results and complies to strict Romanian and European effluent requirements.

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