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Pumps divert effluent following sewer collapse

Posted: Wednesday 3rd September 2008

Pump hire specialist, Sykes Pumps, has installed an overpumping solution to divert effluent and storm water following the collapse of a sewer in Kearsley, Bolton.

Sykes Pumps is a framework supplier to Balfour Beatty Power Networks who initially contacted the pump hire specialist on Christmas Eve with an urgent need to get a pump in place. The Sykes Pumps team installed a 6” diesel pump and had it fully operational on site within the day. Sykes Pumps’ site survey and consultation with contractor, Balfour Beatty Utility Solutions, revealed that a more sophisticated overpumping solution was required, however, and the company subsequently installed an additional 12” Super Wispaset supersilenced pump on a float system to provide additional pumping capacity as and when it is required.

The 6” pump runs continuously, drawing the effluent and storm water out of the sewer before the collapsed section and running it along 120m of pipe before releasing it into the intact sewer on the other side of the damaged area. The 12” Super Wispaset pump only becomes operational when the float system located within the pipe indicates that the level is rising beyond the capacity of the 6” pump, acting as an overflow backup for the overpumping system.

Commented Vincent Gavin at Balfour Beatty: “The collapsed sewer is within the grounds of a power station in a wooded area so there are no residents close by. However, an ordinary 12” pump would create noise that would carry to residential areas nearby, so the fact that Sykes Pumps was able to provide the Super Wispaset pump and rig it up on a float system so that it’s only operational when it’s really needed has been a real advantage.”

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