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PAPA Pump – the zero energy pumping solution

Posted: Wednesday 29th August 2012

Store Water Sustainably; The on-going drought around the Country has reminded us about the importance of protecting our rivers and streams from water abstraction when water levels are low. This has pushed water storage to the highest priority on the policy agenda. While the Government may be advising farmers, landowners and water utilities to store more water, there are few cost effective and sustainable options to channel and store excessive rains.

PAPA Ltd’s Advanced Composite pump is the heart of a low cost ‘passive pumping’ systems which use the pump to move flood / high water over long distances to storage tanks or lakes. PAPA Pump would like to reduce drought impacts by scaling up such water storage options for installation across the UK. This will have many benefits for water users and wildlife.

Zero Energy, Zero Carbon solutions; PAPA Pump’s use just the natural flowing water to power a pumping action which can send water many kilometres in another direction to be stored. Many PAPA pumps are in use across the UK where the Environment Agency and national Rivers Trusts use them as a tool to help farmers access water and prevent diffuse pollution entering water courses.

Invisible, noiseless and secure; PAPA pump installations offer decades of service but with invisible, below ground, infrastructure any PAPA pump can be sited in the most sensitive landscapes as it operates noiselessly.

This graphic shows a typical PAPA pump location serving a single farm.

Water from an overflowing stream is pumped 24/7 to a central location.

When it rains heavily, similar installations on neighbouring farms could automatically pump excess water to the same or similar storage areas.

Chief benefits include helping to reduce the need to abstract water when drought returns.

Also, these systems could help replace expensive treated mains water.

Sustainable and Automatic Pumping Operation; Thanks to climate change, heavy rainfall can fall over a short period of time overwhelming rural & urban drains and water courses. When a water course is close to flooding, the PAPA Pump ‘Store Water’ system can automatically activate the zero energy pumping operation, taking some excess water away from flooded areas to be stored.

SAVE WATER (cost effectively) 100’s of these pumps are in use , so the low cost and simplicity of operation is well established. PAPA pumps require minimal maintenance and can operate 24/7 in all weather conditions offering a reliable service and much reduced life system costs versus electric or fossil fuel powered systems.

ü Proven, long life product and system design

ü Automatic operation whenever sudden rain causes high water.

ü Minimal maintenance suited for large scale installations

ü Can pump long distances to cover wide catchment areas

RAM Pumps- Proven History and High Tech Future; PAPA pump has developed a totally new, patented pumping design, requiring only the energy of flowing water. Although, the novel use of water powered technology, also known as‘ RAM’ pumps, was first developed by the Mongolfier brothers, in France, at the end of the 18th Century , with the new, lower cost design, PAPA pump has bought this old technology into the 21st Century.

Powered by PAPA pump’s new Advanced Composite pump systems which store flood water which would otherwise go to waste, PAPA Ltd offer a sustainable and scalable solution to water scarcity and storage challenges facing many local communities and wildlife around the world.

Join The ‘Store Water’ Campaign; PAPA Pump welcomes all national environmental agencies, Water Utilities and water regulators to contact PAPA Ltd for water storage design and implementation options. PAPA Ltd offers site selection and whole life system management guidance.

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