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Palintest Dives into Shanghai Swimming Pools

Posted: Wednesday 23rd June 2010

The swimming pools at Jiangwan Sports Centre and the International Gymnastics Centre in Shanghai have recently upgraded their water testing equipment to ensure that the highest standards of health and hygiene are maintained for the local communities and competitors. Several Palintest Pooltest 3, 5 and 9 photometers are now being used, in addition to Pooltest test strips, to accurately monitor the legally required chlorine, pH and transparency levels of the pool water. In addition, the handheld analysers are used to measure various other water balance characteristics above and beyond the necessary minimum to make the swimming experience as pleasant and beneficial as possible.

Both pools are prestigious and popular, with the Jiangwan Sports Centre complex a protected municipal heritage site and the Gymnastics Centre having the largest public pool in the province. Both have 50 metre indoor heated pools, each seeing between 700-2000 visitors a day depending on the time of week and year. The Jiangwan Sports Centre is the designated training centre for Shanghai, and both pools have been used as training venues for Olympic competitors. With these considerations of both high usage and high quality, keeping the water in excellent condition is of obvious great importance.

Detailed, readily-available knowledge of the water characteristics in a pool allows treatments to be specifically tailored and applied in the correct amounts to keep the pool clean, clear, and friendly – enough disinfectant to be safe, but not so much as to be a potential irritant to swimmers. With quick, easy, on-site testing that doesn’t require extensive training to ensure accurate readings, this optimal balance is much easier to achieve, and the Pooltest range from Palintest is designed with this in mind.

The Pooltest strips, as well as the 3, 5 and 9 photometers, are used to monitor a wide range of parameters: pH, hardness, alkalinity, cyanuric acid, ozone, copper, bromine, and both free and total chlorine levels. The Pooltest units are handheld, waterproof, and use accurate photometric analysis to provide a digital readout on the integrated display.

Pool water monitoring and treatment at both of these sites is carried out by Shanghai Pool Water Treatment Co. Ltd., who switched to using Palintest products as their preferred water testing equipment due to their ease of use, versatility and accuracy. The company also cooperates with the Shanghai Inspection Bureau, which has also ordered several Pooltest units for legal monitoring purposes. Further information about Palintest’s water testing products and expertise can be found on their website at or (Chinese).

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