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New Clocking System Improves Efficiency for Water Management Specialists

Posted: Friday 24th September 2021

Yorkshire-based Celtic Surveys have recently equipped all their field technicians with a mobile time management system to improve service for all their customers.

Founded in 2005, the company specialises in leakage detection and water management for a range of domestic and commercial customers throughout the UK. It currently operates a fleet of 20 service vans manned by highly trained technicians.

“All our field technicians recorded the time spent servicing customers by manually filling in paper-based time sheets” said Chloe Abrahams, Celtic Survey’s financial director. “Apart from the potential inaccuracies, technicians were not always punctual in returning their time sheets to the central hub. We really needed a system that would record the data in real time. This would not only save time for field operatives but would improve efficiency throughout the company and ensure that customers were charged correctly for every job.”

The system they installed was the Kelio Mobile time and attendance system supplied by Bodet Ltd. Each technician clocks in at the start and end of their working day using their web-enabled smartphone. They also record the arrival and departure time for every job in real time.

Abrahams commented, “The phone transmits the data immediately to the server, which can then generate real time reports identifying which technician is on site and which job is being actioned. The data also includes geolocation, so if an emergency occurs, we can immediately locate the nearest technician and provide a more immediate response.”

“The Kelio system saves time for all departments. It is very straightforward and easy to use so it saves technicians time not having to fill in paper time sheets. The system is also interactive, so for example they can interrogate their own account, check their holiday allocation and make absence requests directly from their phones, which means they don’t have to call HR to find out how much holiday they have left.”

The system generates a range of reports tailored to each department. Data can be extracted to produce an import for transfer into the payroll system. Detailed job costing reports ensure accurate customer invoices are generated by accounts. Real time and historic attendance reports help management teams plan future staff schedules. Recently developed geofencing also enables employees to be able to clock in within pre-defined geographic areas.

Abrahams added “I really didn’t think that a system like this which provided the flexibility and personalisation we needed at a reasonable cost was available. Clocking in using their phones saves the field technicians time, so they are very happy with it. Even the interface screen is personalised with the company logo and branding. Having automated real time reports mean we have much less paperwork to deal with and it eliminates duplication of data entry. Having accurate data at the touch of a button really has helped improve our efficiency. I just wish we had this system years ago!”

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