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Natural spa keeps flowing thanks to AquaKlear

Posted: Friday 9th May 2008

Taipei in Taiwan benefits from a natural hot spring belt situated north of the city due to the island being located between an oceanic trench and volcanic system. This has proven to be a valuable resource for local residents, who utilise the source of hot water for everyday and leisure / spa usage. However, facilities staff at one of the newest housing developments have experienced severe scale build up due to the high levels of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in the water. The Tian Chuen Building suffered hard scale build up of 2mm in the hot water system’s stainless steel pipes, causing the pumps to become inefficient after only 6 weeks. Following research of the various options available, it was decided to trial Hydropath’s patented AquaKlear water conditioning unit for 4 months.

The AquaKlear P120 electronic water treatment unit was attached to the pipe, without the need for incision of the existing pipework or additional plumbing. AquaKlear is unique as it uses patented chemical free technology which treats water throughout the system, unlike other methods that rely on water flowing past the device. The unit prevents new scale from forming by transmitting a random circular electromagnetic field into the water. It operates 24 hours a day and over time, effectively removes the existing scale build up. The electro-magnetic ‘wave’ travels throughout the system flocculating suspended solids to ensure that limescale does not adhere to internal surfaces. It works by drawing the negative electrons to the outer skin of the pipe, while the positively charged electrons are drawn away from the surface, known as the ‘skin effect’. As chemical softening agents are not required, Hydropath water conditioning units do not encourage corrosion.

After 4 months, the pipes were inspected and the amount of scale build up was noticeably reduced by 1.8mm to 0.2mm and the thin layer of scale was easily wiped away by hand. Other benefits of AquaKlear include a significant reduction in energy consumption and efficiency improvements. The P120 unit is

maintenance free, providing considerable cost and time savings. Additionally, the system does not need to be regularly cleaned using harsh chemicals, minimising its environmental impact and saving further time.

The AquaKlear P range can be used in a variety of commercial and domestic applications such as swimming pools and spas for pipe sizes up to 200mm.

For further information on the AquaKlear range, and other Hydropath water conditioning products, visit or telephone 0115 9869966.

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