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Meeting Drinking Water Inspectorate Compliance on a Tight Deadline

Posted: Monday 18th December 2017

Originally constructed in the 1850s, the Waterworks Road Water Treatment Works (WTW), which provides water for 30,000 residents of the Town of Eastbourne, England and surrounding districts, was tasked with building a new water treatment plant.

In order to maintain compliance with the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI), the Town of Eastbourne needed to build a new, more robust filtration system within 12 months to avoid strict penalties from regulators. The resulting system must be capable of handling microbial and turbidity spikes caused by heavy rainfall containing fine chalk particulates.

South East Water and Bam Nomenca, the contractors hired to manage the project, collaborated with the plant operators to qualify a variety of technologies and systems, ultimately selecting Pall Water's Aria FIT packaged filtration system based on previous successful deployments.

The Waterworks Road WTW team promptly moved forward with the installation process of four Aria FIT racks capable of treating 7.5 megalitres per day (2 million gallons per day). The strength of the system's membranes was a leading factor in the decision as they reliably perform at a high level for the entirety of the membranes' extended lifetime. Given the robust nature of Pall Water's membranes, the system easily meets required standards of treatment and is capable of running at full capacity during turbidity spikes caused by heavy rainfall. The efficiency of the Aria FIT system also enables an impressive recovery of 98% of the feed water with only 2% resulting in waste.

Key to the success of this project was the speed of deployment as the plant needed to have a new filtration system operational and able to meet water quality standards within 12 months. To meet this tight deadline, the Pall Water team pre-engineered a majority of the system to avoid potential delays and worked closely with contractors and other suppliers to ensure seamless integration.

During the installation process, a one-month winter shutdown occurred to help the operations team sync existing electrical control and distribution systems to the new filtration unit. Due to widespread collaboration between Pall Water, Bam Nomenca and South East Water, Waterworks Road WTW was fully operational two days ahead of the DWI compliance date.

As Eastbourne District Hospital is located in Waterworks WTW's territory, it was critical that water produced from the Aria FIT system met DWI standards and was safe for hospital staff, patients and guests. Pall Water's system was successfully able to remove turbidity and reduce fine chalk particulates, E. coli and other coliforms within the water supply, a challenge for the previous filtration method.

Due to the quick construction and installation process, the town of Eastbourne was able to meet regulatory deadlines while Pall Water's Aria FIT packaged membrane system continues to produce water that meets quality requirements.

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