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Measuring gases to support effective odour control

Posted: Monday 4th March 2013

Gas Data Ltd supplies a number of its Click! systems to Taytech, specialists in innovative and effective odour control techniques.

Taytech provide a range of products, services and technical support to a varied customer base both municipal and industrial in Aquaculture, Quarrying, Distilling and Food and Beverage production. One of the company’s core elements is the provision of odour control at sewage treatment plants where sludge can produce toxic odours due to the presence of Hydrogen Sulphide. Taytech is normally approached to provide technical support and innovative solutions if the site is experiencing problems with odour complaints from the public, health and safety issues to staff or biological treatment difficulties.

Johnny Scoular is one of the directors of Taytech. He says: “In most cases we identify where the odour is manifesting itself and assess each application. This would involve collating baseline data then introducing a proprietary product into a sludge feed line. The product will scarify sulphide molecules in the sludge which eliminates odour when the sludge is dewatered.”

There are various ways of dealing with issues surrounding hydrogen sulphide gas and the Taytech approach is novel in the use of quantification, measurement and transparent control philosophy.

Gas analysis is essential to comply with the consent granted and health and safety regulations but it is also essential to control the application and business costs. The Gas Data Click! System is integral to the service that Taytech provides by monitoring hydrogen sulphide and, increasingly, volatile organic compounds. It also provides a control to ensure that the correct amount of process chemical is dispensed that will reduce the level of sulphide.

The Click! System is used to provide baseline data and information both on site and remotely via GPRS Modem. The remote data shows both live and historical readings and is viewed on a secure website that is specific to Taytech. The historical data allows Taytech to monitor changes over a time period and consider any other variables that may impact the gas quality.

Johnny continues: “We chose Gas Data because they understand our business and are keen to develop equipment and techniques that will benefit our company.

“The Gas Data equipment has been invaluable as it allows us to collate large amounts of data from the application. Enabling remote access to the data is crucial in monitoring performance and the ability to share this with the customer gives us transparency in what we are doing. Onsite support from the Gas Data team is also extremely important allowing us to change settings and parameters on the unit via a user friendly interface.

“In our business we require our suppliers to be innovative and receptive to developing their business alongside ours. Gas Data have always been supportive of our aims and objectives and we see many mutual benefits of integrating their technology with our applications.”

The Click! Systems for odour monitoring sites have also been programmed to be controlled by SMS text message. Therefore, if the analyser needs to be turned on or off, chemical dosing level signals need to be changed or internal pumps need to activated, it can all be done by a simple text message. In critical situations when somebody may not be able to get to the site being able to control the Click! gas analyser by SMS text message can be critical.

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