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Landia’s pumps and aerators enhance waste-to-energy plant

Posted: Wednesday 4th January 2012

AirJet aerators and MPTK-I Chopper Pumps made by Landia are helping a major recycling plant in north western Germany maintain and increase the amount of electricity it sells to the national energy grid.

At AWZ Wiefels in Fuhleriege, which takes in 115,000 tonnes of unseparated domestic waste pa, a total of six Landia MPTK-I’s pump screened wastewater, although they still have to contend with some very small but harsh solids that still get through.

Combined with wastewater that is continuously recirculated and aerated by Landia’s AirJet aerators, organic waste is retained for approximately 20 days in four large anaerobic digestion tanks, producing biogas that is later converted into electricity. An on-site laboratory is used on a daily basis to monitor the amount of organic material.

“Obviously we want to get as much gas out of the operation as possible,” said Lars Bohlken from AWZ Wiefels.

“The Landia equipment works non-stop, without ever giving us any trouble. This is a very big benefit because we cannot afford any downtime caused by pumps that are unable to withstand this tough environment”.

Lars Bohlken also emphasised the energy efficiency of the Landia equipment, which only needs to run for 15 minutes per hour to provide sufficient circulation.

In addition to the 40,000 – 50,000 kW/helectricity produced on site, excess heat goes to houses and to the nearby greenhouses of local tomato producers.

Landia is no stranger to AWZ Wiefels. Since the site opened almost two decades ago, the aeration tanks have been served by long-bladed Landia POPL mixers - again with no breakdowns ever recorded.

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