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Landia Chopper Pumps uphold the Non-Clog Convention

Posted: Wednesday 9th December 2015

Two Landia Chopper Pumps have resolved plugging and subsequent costly maintenance issues at one of the largest convention centers in California.

The successful installation came about when leading pump and engineering distributor Mitchell Lewis & Staver were called in to the Moscone Center in San Francisco by Koffler Electric to address regular wet well problems.

Effluent from the Center’s bathrooms, plus food waste, floor debris and commercial dishwasher water from the kitchens were proving too much for standard rail-mounted sewage pumps, requiring constant unblocking and cleaning.

But as Ty Collins from Mitchell Lewis & Staver explains, since the installation of the Landia chopper pumps, there has not been a single plugging issue, thus eliminating all downtime.

“Across several installations, we’ve yet to pull a Landia chopper pump off line”, he said, “and I guess we could be waiting a very long time for that to happen”.

He added: “Once again, this installation in San Francisco demonstrates that standard so-called ‘non-clog’ pumps simply cannot handle the inevitable unknown waste that always seems to find its way into a drain. It’s not worth the risk, the aggravation and the cost to take chances for the well being of a plant’s operation, which is why we find ourselves increasingly recommending Landia”.

Previously, Mitchell Lewis & Staver has brought in Landia Chopper Pumps to numerous sites in the western U.S. to resolve clogging issues in sewage pump stations.

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