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Landia’ Chopper Pumps are the calm after the storm for Thames Water at East Hyde

Posted: Tuesday 11th June 2013

New 6” Chopper Pumps designed and manufactured by Landia are helping Thames Water improve its handling of stormwater at East Hyde sewage treatment works near Luton.

Following the successful installation of a 6” MPTK-I 150 series Chopper Pump (30kW, 1500rpm), Thames Water has since purchased two more of the Landia units, which are especially suited for the pumping of wastewater and sludge with coarse solids.

“We have a lot of issues with wet wipes and rag being put into our sewers which block our pumps,” said Thames Water’s Phil Merridan. “We’ve been forced to install this apparatus due to the worsening problem of sewer abuse, which is people putting anything other than human waste and toilet paper down the drains.

“Food fat and wet wipes are the prime sewer abuse offenders. Fat goes down the drain when it’s warm, but when it gets to our sewers it causes blockages. Wet wipes, despite labelling which says they are ‘flushable’, should never be flushed. They cling to fat causing environmentally damaging blockages and they block up our treatment works.

“Landia’s pumps will help deal with this problem, but it is something that should really be tackled at source by everyone following our sewer motto: bin it – don’t block it”.

Guide-traces in the Landia’s MPTK casing ensure that no dry matter particles are caught in the pump. Available in a wide range of motors, Landia’s 150 series 6” Chopper Pumps can be mounted horizontally or vertically – and are equally effective in tough industrial applications, including food, fish and paper.

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